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Nabeelah Bulpitt

4‭ ‬Apps to Increase Your Productivity

By Nabeelah Bulpitt May 10, 2017

We know that as educators you’ve got a lot on your plate‭ - ‬there’s always something that gets..

5‭ ‬Apps to Have When Studying

By Nabeelah Bulpitt May 9, 2017

Years ago, mobile phones’ most attractive feature was the convenience that you could make a call..

SSAT and Show My Homework

By Nabeelah Bulpitt September 29, 2016

We've partnered with the SSAT as we admire the steps they're taking to promote collaboration..

Show My Homework Wins EdtechX Global All Star Rise Award

By Nabeelah Bulpitt June 29, 2016

Show My Homework are the proud winners of the EdtechX Global All Star Rise Award.

5 Apps to Organise Your Workload

By Nabeelah Bulpitt April 29, 2016

As educators, our workload and week tends to fluctuate; there’s never a dull moment with the..

Handling Teacher Abuse in the Classroom

By Nabeelah Bulpitt March 18, 2016

Teacher abuse is something that we never quite think of or even acknowledge that it actually..

Bringing Attention to Mental Health in Schools

By Nabeelah Bulpitt March 11, 2016

The importance of recognising mental heath in schools and how students can be supported.

Enterprise Day With @ChelseaAcademy

By Nabeelah Bulpitt March 4, 2016
The 3rd December 2015 was the day of our Enterprise Scheme with @ChelseaAcademy. Read the events..

Newham Recorder Meets #GBEA Nominee & CEO Naimish Gohil

By Nabeelah Bulpitt September 21, 2015
Naimish Gohil, CEO of Show My Homework meets the Newham Recorder to talk about his recent..

How Physical Activity Can Help With Studying

By Nabeelah Bulpitt September 21, 2015

The way in which taking part in sports and physical activities can keep you focused in school.

How a Healthy Diet Can Lead to a Healthy Mind

By Nabeelah Bulpitt September 14, 2015

How maintaining a healthy diet can result in body confidence and a healthy mind.

How Homework Can Contribute Towards Autonomous Learning

By Nabeelah Bulpitt September 7, 2015

Homework is a form of independent learning - students can take hold of the reins of their..

Recovering from Exams (The Dos and Don’ts)

By Nabeelah Bulpitt July 20, 2015

Exams are over, here's how to recover healthily without completely losing focus.

Parenting Pressures & Technology's Role in Education

By Nabeelah Bulpitt June 30, 2015

 Caroline Gallagher looks at the pressures of parenting and the role of technology in education.

How To... Help Your Child Cope with Their Workload

By Nabeelah Bulpitt June 29, 2015
Sometimes your child may lost momentum... That's where you come in and help them get focused!

Parental Involvement in Homework Can Help, Not Stress

By Nabeelah Bulpitt June 25, 2015
Some children may panic at the thought of their parents involving themselves in their homework..

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