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Ember Night at the Show My Homework HQ

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On Thursday 16th June, Sam and Laura from our Engineering Team hosted an Ember meet-up at the Show My Homework HQ.


Ember is the framework we use here at Show My Homework to help build the software, it is an open source programme which means that engineers from all over the world contribute to the building of it. This means that fresh ideas are continually fed into the framework, making it extremely community driven.

Each month Ember meet-ups are held at different locations across London, where attendees are invited to either create an application or come along with any questions they may have regarding the framework, share ideas or gain inspiration.

For this month’s meet-up, we invited people to create an application that would help them predict who would win the Euro 2016 Championship. As the application was open source, all who attended could contribute to building the app, and could also continue work on it after the evening was over.

This is the first meet-up the Show My Homework Engineering Team have held and we’re pleased to say it was a huge success, with over 20 people in attendance, filled with pizza and speciality beers to keep everyone energised throughout the evening. The football predictor game was created with basic functionalities added and is still open for contribution to those in the Ember community.

We’re excited to be using the cutting-edge framework Ember here at Show My Homework so we can keep up with the amount of usage we receive from our millions of users. We’ll definitely be hosting a meet-up again and would love for any of our users who are interested to come along to gain an insight into what the devs get up to here on a daily basis.

Keep following us on Twitter to stay updated on any upcoming meet-ups at our HQ, and to learn more about Ember and their community click here.





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