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Show & Tell Week 5: Communication

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For this week’s Show & Tell, Chandni from Support talked us through the improvements that have been made to our Android and iOS software and Laura from Engineering spoke to us through the programme we use to build our software, Ember.

Chandni Lunch & learn.jpg

Working in a tech company, but with many non-technical roles, this session really highlighted to us the importance of good communication and how fortunate we are to have so many colleagues so willing to share.

As a company that carries out all processes internally, it can be easy to get wrapped up in your own department and not fully know what’s going on throughout the business. This is in part why we started Show & Tell, so each member of the team has the opportunity to share an area they’re working on to educate the rest of us.

These sessions have really put into perspective just how important communication is, when all members of our team are not only aware of what’s going on in other departments, but also understand thought processes behind it and the impact they will have, it helps us all to appreciate things a lot more. Not only this, but it sparks feedback and more suggestions - when you open up an idea to someone outside of your bubble, they have a fresh pair of eyes and can ask why, and give suggestions - which most of the time you’ve never thought of - and challenge you, which ultimately helps us to be better.

Again, this doesn’t just ring true for us as an edtech company, it can be applied to you too. If you feel as though you don’t have an open line of communication between your departments, or between Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders and teachers, try opening up a platform for discussion. If your colleagues understand the work one another is doing, chances are they’re going to be a lot more appreciative of it and more inclined to give feedback.

We’ve always been pretty good at communicating, but as with everything there’s always room for improvement and the discussions and ideas some of these sessions have sparked will really have a huge impact on our software and how we do things in the months to come.

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