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Show & Tell Week 6: Continuous Improvement

During this week’s Show & Tell, Sam from the Engineering Team spoke to us about the recent improvements made to our main product and modules, based on feedback acquired from our customers.

Here at Show My Homework, we’re proud of the fact that we’re a software company built by teachers for teachers; we know our customers and understand their needs and pain points, it’s more than empathy, we were a part of the community that we now work with and so we’ve been there in the trenches. Because of this, we know that education and teaching and learning is constantly reforming and changing. The way a classroom was structured 5 years ago when we were founded is no longer the same. There is more of an emphasis on the importance of implementing technology and bringing forth innovation into teaching strategies and practices.


So when it comes down to releasing a new version of our product, who better to present us with feedback than our users. Of course we can conduct research and keep ourselves up to date with what’s new in technology and what kind of edtech tools are trending at the moment, but this wouldn’t be truly representative of our customers.

We value what you think and what you have to say, where you’ve encountered issues, what you would like to see happen in the future, what you would like to use our software for and how we can work with you to reach the goals that you’ve set out to achieve. Without any feedback from our customers (and this isn’t only based on our teachers, these are our parents and students too - the whole community!) we wouldn’t have a clear understanding or perception of what we can do to innovate and how we can continue to move forward.

It’s important to us to be both open to change but also to continuously improve what we do and see how we can help our users. Bearing this in mind, we’re always tweaking and making changes, we’re always reflecting over our product and looking for space to improve, to add something in that we know will benefit our students, to make something better to help our teachers, and to see how we can further involve our parents. We’re hoping this will impact our software in the coming future and continue to help our community.

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