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The Wider Purpose of Homework 

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wider purpose of homeworkThe setting of homework has more of an impact on students than just helping to improve their academic achievement. Epstein & Van Voorhis (2001) found that homework could in fact be grouped into 10 broader purposes, as opposed to just improving student learning outcomes. We've outlined the 10 strands below and provided a brief explanation for each to explore the wider purpose of homework:

The 10 Ps of Home-learning

  1. Practice - putting into practice what has been learnt throughout the school day
  2. Participation - encouraging students to get involved in work outside of school and the importance of taking part in activities
  3. Preparation - preparing students for work to come and allowing them to prepare ahead of the lesson
  4. Personal development - the completion of homework helps students to develop their independence, timekeeping and show them the importance of good work ethic
  5. Parent-child relationships - the completion of work at home helps parents and children to bond and develop their relationship through home-learning support
  6. Parent-teacher communication - homework acts as the bridge between home and school, the setting of homework and parents being aware of when it’s set helps to improve communication between home and school
  7. Peer interactions - when students are set group assignments as homework it encourages them to interact with their peers and work together
  8. Policy - homework set is inline with the school’s policy ensuring students aren’t overburdened with work and teachers set work in adherence to this policy
  9. Public relations - the ability to keep parents informed about what’s going on in schools and current practices
  10. Punishment - reinforces the importance of completing tasks if consequences are implemented for when homework isn’t handed in on time


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