5‭ ‬Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Author: Nabeelah Bulpitt

Posted: 10 May 2017

Estimated time to read: 4 mins

We know that as educators you’ve got a lot on your plate‭ - ‬there’s always something that gets added onto your to-do list‭, ‬and it can be daunting when your pile of work keeps growing‭. This is why we’ve scoured the internet and found some apps that can not only help you to manage your workload‭, ‬but to increase your productivity‭, ‬so you can gain back some of your precious time and get back to focusing on what matters most‭. ‬

Here are our favourite apps for productivity:

1‭. ‬Trello

What is it‭?‬

Trello is a free website and app that helps you to manage and maintain your workload‭. ‬You can use it as your own online To-do List or create a board to use with colleagues when working on joint projects‭. ‬

How it works‭?‬

You create cards that act as pending tasks to which you can attach files‭, ‬videos and photos‭. ‬When working on a group board you can create a checklist where tasks can be marked as complete‭. ‬On these cards you can comment and provide feedback‭. ‬The platform works in real time‭, ‬so as soon as you make an update‭, ‬create a new task or leave a comment‭, ‬your colleagues will be notified of it right away‭.‬

Trello could provide your school with a level of visibility and collaboration that they may not currently have, promote a healthy work-life balance and encourage staff to be more productive‭. ‬Being able to see just how much work everyone has on could encourage an even distribution of tasks and allow SLT to see where help is needed‭. ‬

Cost‭: ‬Free


2‭. ‬Slack

What is it‭?‬

Slack is an online communication platform for you and your colleagues that can help increase productivity and improve communication‭. ‬

How it work‭s?‬

With Slack you can either have one-to-one conversations with colleagues or set-up channels for particular staff members‭, which can be public or private‭. ‬It’s a great way to give all staff updates and brainstorm ideas without having to fight for a meeting room as well as keeping up-to-date on events occurring within your team and throughout the school‭.‬

Having the app on your phone means you are instantly notified when someone has contacted you and saves information from getting‭ ‬lost in an email chain‭. ‬Slack can be integrated with numerous platforms ranging from Twitter to Google Drive‭. ‬Documents and images can be uploaded‭, ‬and messages and uploads can be‭ ‬‘pinned’‭ ‬for you to export whenever and wherever you need‭. ‬

Rather than running around and trying to locate the whereabouts of a particular staff member or sending email after email‭, ‬sending over a message on Slack will save a noticeable amount of time‭.‬

Cost‭: ‬Free for small teams‭


3‭. ‬Google Drive

What is it‭?‬

Google Drive enables you to create folders‭, ‬upload files‭, ‬save‭, ‬share‭, ‬organise and manage them all in one place‭. ‬

How it works‭?‬

Google Drive is an online document app directory and file-sharing storage platform‭. ‬In Drive you can create documents‭, ‬spreadsheets and powerpoints that are all stored in the cloud‭. ‬This means you no longer have to worry about backing up your work‭, ‬you can‭ ‬simply create a document in Drive or upload your work there‭. ‬

With Drive you can share documents with colleagues where you can allow them the option to make comments and suggestions further‭ ‬encouraging the sharing of best practice and creating a forum for discussion‭. ‬

Google Drive is free and works to save both time and money as everything you need can be found in one place‭. ‬You can gain access‭ ‬wherever you are by downloading either the Google Drive app‭, ‬or the individual applications‭.‬

Cost‭: ‬Free


4‭. ‬Notability

What is it‭?‬

Notability is an iOS app that can be used for note taking‭, ‬PDF annotation and sketching ideas‭. ‬It provides the ability to simultaneously research and make notes on the text that you’re working on‭, ‬access and read through a textbook‭, ‬or keep up to date with the latest developments in education by watching lectures and CPD videos‭.‬

How it works‭?‬

Notability works on both iPhones and iPads‭. ‬In addition to providing a note taking platform‭, ‬its Audio Recordings allow you to both record meetings and provide feedback to colleagues‭. ‬The app syncs to all of your devices which means you can gain access to‭ ‬recordings and notes whenever you need to‭. ‬They provide a stronger and more innovative means of communication‭, ‬saving you time in hunting down colleagues and trying to prompt email responses‭.‬

Cost‭: ‬£4.49‭ ‬from the iTunes store

5‭. ‬Neeto

What is it‭?‬

Neeto is a free quiz builder that allows you to browse through thousands of teacher-made quiz questions and answers. You can then present the quiz in whiteboard mode or print it out as a PDF.

How it works‭?‬

Neeto works in three simple steps:

  1. Search a topic (eg. Romeo & Juliet, energy, percentages)
  2. Add to an existing quiz OR create a new one
  3. Publish (present in whiteboard mode, make a printable PDF or export to your learning platform)

Cost‭: ‬Free


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