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5‭ ‬Apps to Have When Studying

By Nabeelah Bulpitt on May, 9 2017
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Years ago, mobile phones’ most attractive feature was the convenience that you could make a call or send a text on the move, and not have to find a payphone or landline. Today, our smartphones offer a multitude of features that encompass all a desktop has to offer and provide us with a million distractions from the work we’re meant to be doing.

However, as well as giving us instant access to group chats, photos and status updates, our smartphones provide us with access to apps that can actually enhance the learning process. Here are some of our favourite apps for studying that can enhance your studies rather than hinder:


When studying or researching, you always come across a word that will completely stump you, in these situations when a laptop isn’t to hand, the Dictionary.com app can be a real timesaver. Look up the word in question‭, ‬find the meaning which applies‭ ‬to your text and you are one step closer to having a better understanding of the text you’re reading‭. ‬

Or‭, ‬maybe you’re in the middle of an essay which you’ve dedicated time to and you’re looking for a word you can’t quite put your finger on‭, ‬or you’re pulling blanks when you’re trying to think of an alternate connective‭. ‬Switch over to the Thesaurus page‭, ‬type your word in and have a look at all the options‭.

Revision App‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬The Ultimate Revision Tool

This app is great for revising and consolidating everything you’ve learnt, all you need to do is select your course (11 Plus or A Levels) and the grade you’re working to achieve. You can then filter through the drop down menu and select‭ ‬your course‭, ‬where you are asked a series of multiple choice questions working towards your selected grade‭. ‬You are also provided with video tutorials to aid you when answering any questions you are unsure of‭.

Furthermore‭, ‬you are also able to find out the dates of your exams‭, ‬organised by exam boards and the length of the examination‭.‬

ExamTime Mobile

To access this app on your phone, you need to create an account on your desktop or laptop first, then you are able to discover which revision technique is best suited to you. You can create mind maps, charts, tables - whatever best suits your preferred learning style. Your mind maps and charts can be edited and animated‭; ‬you can even colour-code your notes and add images‭ - ‬perfect for visual learners‭ and you can add in as much information as you want.

Once all the groundwork is laid and your maps are ready‭, ‬the app comes into great use‭, ‬where you can view all your revision boards on your phone wherever you are‭, ‬and revise revise revise‭!‬

Maths Alarm Clock

Getting up in the morning is a struggle at the best of times, let alone when it’s after a long night of studying or earlier than you’d like on a weekend to get some of that homework out of that way, and with the help of the snooze button‭, ‬there are times when you don’t even see daylight‭!‬

No matter how good your intentions are, sleep always seems to win but with the Mathe Alarm Clock App you can make getting up when you intended a reality. With this Alarm Clock, in order to turn it off, you have to answer a Maths questions. Until you answer the question correctly the alarm‭ ‬won’t turn off and there is no snooze setting either‭! ‬It’s also a good way to start the day as it gets your brain working earlier‭, ‬preparing you for the day ahead‭.‬

Kindle App

In order to use the Kindle App you must first have an Amazon account, once this is sorted you can then use the app as a pocket sized book, full of everything you need. You can find textbooks, anthologies, journals and sources and either pay to download them in full or read samples.

Once you’ve got your book, You can highlight passages and bookmark any pages of importance to refer back to later‭. ‬The best part is that you can have as many books saved on your device as you have space for‭, ‬and you won’t have to struggle with a bagful of heavy books on the uphill walk to your school‭, ‬in the rain‭, ‬when you’re late‭.‬..


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