7 Exam Tips Only Students Will Understand

Author: Louise Raw

Posted: 18 Dec 2014

Estimated time to read: 3 mins

With exams looming we thought that we thought what better way to prepare students for exam season than to share with them some of our top tips for revision so hopefully they can learn from our tried and tested exam and revision fails...

Here are our 7 exam tips only students will understand:

“To bring 10,000 pens”  

(Rhys, Lead Trainer)

Extreme views, but pens do tend to run out at the most inopportune moments, so having a spare one or two can never hurt. Peace of mind at exam time is always worth conducting yourself like a stationary shop.


“A banana is not enough”   

(Craig, Education Sales Consultant)

exam tips for students - eat a banana

If, like Craig, a 3 hour exam leaves your stomach rumbling and tropical fruit just won't cut it, make sure you eat something just beforehand too. We feel compelled to say nuts for their protein boost and slow-release energy, but we'll turn a blind eye if it happens to be smothered in chocolate and caramel too (we did say 'get some nuts'). 


“That they don’t give you points for finishing first”

(Louis, Customer Support)

We all remember the rule that if you finish with more than 30 minutes until the end, you're free to smugly stand and leave your scribbling classmates to suffer, but if you haven't revisted the questions that had your head scratching the first time, then it's not worth it. Use your time to re-read and tighten up your answers where you can. There’s always room for improvement. 


“To not skip the parts I knew whilst revising”  

(Konstantina, Business Manager)

Tempting as it may seem, missing out the parts you think you know is not always a smart idea. Sure, you've probably recited these points so much your dog knows it too, but revising in full chapters can provide you with the continuity you need to recall more information on exam day.


“The structure of the exam”   

(Naimish, Founder & CEO)

You might be a square peg in a round hole, and like to do things your own way. We're all for this too in life, but there's no doubt that being clued up on the types of questions you’ll be asked will mean that you enter the exam focused and ready. Knowing what material may appear, and therefore what to cover whilst revising, is even better.


“To not stay up late cramming”  

(Deryk, QA)

Groggy, headachy and yawning is not the optimum conditions anyone hopes to be during an exam, so don't let it happen. It’s far more beneficial to get a good night’s kip than tire yourself out, especially when you have multiple exams on consecutive days. Have a clear cut off point and stay energised.

“To revise”   

(Rhys, Lead Trainer) 

As far as exam tips go, this one may seem obvious, but there are students out there who think they’ll get by without any revision. Mock papers may be passed without so much as cue card in sight, but try and push yourself to exceed, and don’t leave anything to chance. 

exam revision timetable