9 Things Teachers Should Do This Summer

Author: Bethany Spencer

Posted: 05 Aug 2016

Estimated time to read: 2 mins

The Summer Holidays are real and they’re happening right now, and as teachers you should be taking full advantage on this much deserved time off. But with A-Level and GCSE results right around the corner, it’s harder than expected to switch off.Lofoten beach in sunny summer day, Norway.jpeg

We’ve come up with a few simple steps that you can take to unwind to help you make the most of your precious time off:

Make time for yourself

We know it’s easier said than done, but literally switch off - even if it’s just for half a day, step away from your phone, laptop and TV and enjoy spending some quality time with yourself without any distractions whilst you have the chance.

Do nothing

Yep. This really is our advice. All through term time you’re working ridiculously long hours and weekends are full of marking and planning. Now it’s time to do nothing and relax, be that slobbing on the sofa with a pizza or lazing away the afternoon in a pub garden make time for it and relish the break without feeling any regret.


Turn off all alarms and lie in. Sleep is something you don’t see much of during term time, so use this time to go to bed early (or late, whatever you fancy) and lie in, because you don’t need to answer to anyone right now!

Visit home

Take a trip to your parents house or revisit your hometown if you have the chance. Spending time with family is something that will never be overrated.

Meet friends on their lunch break

Weekends during the summer are busy, weekdays less so. Make the most of your time off and meet your 9-5 work friends on their lunch break, it means you get some quality time with them and they get to enjoy a little adventure away from the office.

Treat yo self

Indulge and buy something just for you. Nothing to spruce up your classroom, or a fancy pen. Try splashing out on something completely non work related.


It may not sound all that fun, but you have 6 weeks ahead of you and it’s the perfect opportunity to get physical, and if by the end of the holidays you’re in a routine, you’re all the more likely to keep it up once you’re back at school.

Keep in touch with colleagues

These people have just as much free time as you! They’re the perfect coffee or pub companion and these outings are a great opportunity to forge friendships outside of work.

Read a ‘grown-up’ book

Take the opportunity to get stuck into a good book that isn’t on the curriculum for a change and re-discover what reading for pleasure is like - quite pleasurable we’ll think you’ll find.

Sit back. Pick up a glass. And enjoy your time off, you really do deserve it.

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