ofsted inspection pupil premium

What Is the Simplest Way of Keeping Ofsted Satisfied?

By Naimish Gohil on April, 15 2013
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ofsted inspection pupil premium

The most daunting time of year for schools and teachers... the day of the Ofsted inspection.

Ofsted’s February 2013 report on the successful use of funding to maximise achievement indicates once again that the inspectorate in England remains fairly agitated about how the Pupil Premium is being spent.

What’s more, they remain worried about the lack of evidence in some quarters to show how Pupil Premium money is narrowing the attainment gap between pupils from low income families and their more affluent peers.

With the Pupil Premium rising to £900 per eligible pupil I suspect that, whereas Ofsted has been issuing moderate warnings thus far, it might be quite a bit more exercised in the months to come.

Research already done by London University Institute of Education shows that effective homework is a particularly interesting way to narrow the attainment gap between pupils from low income families and their more affluent peers. This makes homework the obvious area to address. It narrows the attainment gap and is an area that Ofsted has, for several years, shown to be one of its favourites.

When it comes to homework our Show My Homework software is something of a market leader at tracking the issuing, completion and marking of homework. It also offers a link to parents so that they can more readily follow the homework that is set, while ensuring that it is being done.

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