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Explore Growth & Development Through CPD

By Louise Raw on May, 1 2014
Conceptual image of businessteam working cohesively. Interaction and unity.jpeg
Looking into CPD courses can have a great impact on your career and help you grow as a professional.

So what exactly is CPD, and how can it help me?

Continuing Professional Development, or CPD, is the growth and development of a career through furthering your learning, acquiring new skills and becoming a good old well-rounded individual.

By keeping up to date with changes in the industry, teachers can stay ahead of the game, not become overwhelmed with the increasing technological advances, and really make a positive and meaningful contribution in their professional lives. After All, in a profession that takes years of endurance and dedication, it really is worth going that extra mile to prove that you are keeping up with the current standards.

Moving away from the Traditional Inset Day

We believe that employees should have a say in how they further their career. There are some great CPD companies that have innovation at their very core, so why not get your teachers to lead, and choose their own CPD day? Have a look at some of the more inventive sessions that CPD for Teachers have here. If your staff want to learn about Raspberry Pi and make sure that they are the ones teaching the students, not the other way around, champion this!

By putting the teachers into the driving seat, and making it vital that they need to make a choice, rather than just have the opportunity to make a suggestion, then teachers may be more likely to make bolder choices for their CPD.

We think that this is a similar work-style to one novel approach taken by CEO of Extended Stay America who did just that, and asked his employees to actively take bigger risks. Of course, the natural reaction to the potential downfall of your bosses beloved business is usually to stick to the rules anyway, which is why he implemented the ‘Get out of Jail Free Card'. Having this to soften the blow meant that employees were compelled to make bigger, bolder decisions that they otherwise wouldn't have, and they made some real waves in the company! Read more about it here.

Why not make your staff take risks, be bold, and shape the future of CPD in the school?

Beyond Professionalism

This will not only help you professionally, but we have already outlined the incredible social and personal benefits of Life-Long Learning, helping to keep you both interested and interesting.

Benefit from:

  • Enrichment
  • A healthy pursuit of knowledge
  • Maintaining an agile mind

And it doesn't end there. Completing these sessions can really give you a sense of achievement, open your eyes to new experiences, and reassess your current goals.

So push yourself as a professional, and make your work meaningful!

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