How to Engage Challenging Parents with Homework

Author: Louise Raw

Posted: 02 Oct 2014

Estimated time to read: 1 mins

Parents lead busy lives and can be hard to reach in the best of times, let alone when it comes to homework. We've shared some top tips on how you can engage the harder to reach parents when it comes to homework so you can boost parental engagement and improve home-school communication.

Parents that live far away

Amidst the era of technology, we are spoilt for choice in ways of communicating and connecting with the world around us, and keeping parents informed about homework long-distance. Whether it’s email, a tweet or an app that keeps all the information you want on one page, there’s no excuse for keeping parents in the dark who can’t make it to see you in person. 

The ‘I-don’t-have-anything-to-say’ parent

All too often, parents only hear about their child when Parents’ Evening is looming and report cards are sent home. Although extremely useful as a snapshot into the child’s education, this is not the consistent dialogue that many teachers crave to ensure that parents are kept in the loop to support their students. Try showing reports more frequently and more transparently to make comments and grades more readily available for those parents who need a push in the right direction.

English as a second language parents

Parents may feel helpless if whilst attempting to help their child with a project or homework, they themselves don’t understand the language it’s written in. Try to keep online copies of this work for EAL students, and make it easy for them to use services such as Google Translate so they can benefit from being more engaged.

Whatever the reason, thanks to technology there’s a way around it, or at the very least, a way to facilitate engagement for the hardest to reach parents. Good luck, we know you can do it!

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