How a Healthy Diet Can Lead to a Healthy Mind

Author: Nabeelah Bulpitt

Posted: 14 Sep 2015

Estimated time to read: 2 mins

How can maintaining a healthy diet result in body confidence and a healthy mind? Unfortunately, engaging students to take part in PE lessons once or twice a week is not always enough time to provide them with a continuous weekly exercise routine. PE’s aim is to make students feel and look good and have a healthy body and mind.

Schools and teachers can help with students’ well-being by reinforcing the importance of health and fitness during form time and by persuading students every week to get involved with sporting activities and clubs that are offered by the school. healthy diet - healthy mind


Feeling a difference in performance and seeing visual results from exercising regularly are just one of the rewarding parts of a weekly health and fitness programme. Having a healthy body is one rewarding factor, but to have a healthy and clear mind can better a student's performance within the classroom walls.

Exercising and maintaining good health can improve a student’s mental state and it is always important for pupils to have a clear and positive mind when dealing with numerous subjects everyday. Teachers want their students to achieve the best that they possible can, and having a health and fitness regime as a part of their everyday life is essential to help them in every possible way, to learn and deliver high quality work across all their subjects.


Diet also becomes a major factor when dealing with health and fitness. Schools can help students by dishing out healthier meals for school dinners and advise students to bring in packed lunches to save money and eat homemade food more often. 

Once students develop a habit of eating unhealthy amounts of food, they may become lazy, unmotivated and unwilling to put any effort into their school work. Students will become more likely to buying energy drinks before watching hours of television or playing computer games when away from school, other than exercise or completing homework.

Therefore, encouraging students to eat healthy and exercise for at least an hour a day is crucial to benefit their lives at such an important stage for their education and health.


Everything in moderation is key in life. This is something students need help to understand, in order to benefit themselves in the future. Exercising can be fun and highly rewarding across many things in life, when performed properly in a daily routine. Everyone is entitled to eat an unhealthy meal once in awhile, however it is key to control your diet and be disciplined with it at an early stage in life.

If teachers can spend five minutes, once or twice a week during form time to illustrate the benefits of maintaining a fit and healthy body, then at least the students have time to consider why it is important to exercise and eat healthily, and how everything can be enjoyed in moderation.

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