Investing in Training on Whole-School Software Systems

By Rhys Giles on May, 4 2017
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To make the best of any software in a school‭, ‬it’s important that usage rates be as high as possible‭. ‬This is not only important for maintaining consistency‭, ‬but to get the greatest value for money‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬the inconsistency of different pieces of software within the school can confuse less technologically engaged teachers‭. ‬

Most schools have had a history of new technologies being the‭ ‬‘flavour of the month’‭ - ‬being purchased‭, ‬implemented inconsistently‭, ‬and usage decreases to the point that only the most enthusiastic teachers are engaged‭. ‬Maintaining 100%‭ ‬usage of a product comes not just from choosing a product that’s intuitive for every user and is easy to understand‭; ‬it’s equally important to have available support channels for when users come up against barriers to being able to use the product‭ ‬effectively‭, ‬and to provide them with effective staff training‭.‬


No one knows better the functionality and benefits of a piece of software‭, ‬than the company that created it‭. ‬In general‭, ‬you can‭ ‬trust them to understand not just the best aspects of the product‭, ‬but how it fits into a school setting‭. ‬Many companies will provide training for staff along with their product but it’s important to ascertain the method by which the training will be delivered‭. ‬The most effective method will usually be delivery‭ ‬of training on-site‭, ‬to all staff using the new technology‭. ‬This cuts down on the dilution of key messages that can happen when‭ ‬training is delivered remotely‭, ‬especially if the training is then‭ ‬‘cascaded’‭ ‬from one staff member to the rest‭. ‬

If a company doesn’t provide training as part of their licence‭, ‬consider carefully the purchase of additional training‭. ‬A small cost-saving measure‭ ‬in the short run‭ (‬deciding to have internal training instead‭) ‬can impact the long term adoption of the product‭, ‬and the cost to‭ ‬the school of losing the impact of the product will likely be far greater than the expense of a training session‭.‬

Additionally‭, ‬the confidence of the external trainer in being able to deliver training to a standard over-and-above that of internal staff will‭, ‬in turn‭, ‬positively impact the confidence of your staff in using it‭. ‬They are also a direct link back to the software’s developers‭, ‬and the feedback they hear will potentially directly impact the future direction of the software‭.‬

Training is one of the most important ways to ensure technology will make an impact on your school‭. ‬A relatively small upfront cost can guarantee the greatest value for money in the long term‭.‬

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