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Leadership Lessons: The Importance of Saying Yes and No

By Nabeelah Bulpitt on June, 4 2015
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Leadership means placing yourself in a position of power, so you must know when to say yes and no. Being able to make well-informed, timely decisions can be the difference between leading your team to success and losing out. Business strategy plan over ladder leading to success.jpeg

When you hold a leadership position in a company or a team, you may need to make some difficult decisions that could affect the welfare of your team. Each situation demands to be handled accordingly by carefully analysing the pros and cons being dealt within it. You need to view the situation from every possible angle before drawing a conclusion. Therefore, one needs to keep in mind that simple “yes” or “no’ can hold more value if you are the leader of the pack.

There are times when a leader needs to take the role of a listener and cater to the needs of others. Your team members will appreciate your time and acknowledgement .Say “yes” to them when they want to talk to you or express new ideas. It is always best to remain open-minded as a leader and welcome and consider different opinions. Saying “yes” can open new doors and present new and interesting opportunities, however these opportunities do not always propel success. Sometimes a leader needs to know when to say” No”.

It is a common misconception that you cannot create healthy boundaries between you and your colleagues whilst saying “no”. While no one wants to deal with someone unreasonable, leadership calls for careful and analysed decisions to avoid long term potentially harmful situations.

Forgoing short term advantages can sometimes result in long term success. Furthermore, no great leader ever got to where they are by saying ‘yes’ to everything. The ability to say ‘no’ and know when it’s the right time to take a risk and when it isn’t, shows that you are capable and allows colleagues to know that you are to be respected as well as trusted. Two traits that are extremely important in leaders.

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