St. Bonaventure Enterprise Day at the Show My Homework HQ

Author: Bethany Spencer

Posted: 19 May 2015

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@stbons Alton Mathew-Moghan gives an account of his time at the Show My Homework Enterprise Day!


Bio: I am Alton Mathew-Moghan, a 15-year old East Londoner who likes to put his foot into 

 everything, in a good way, of course! With an avid attachment to the Arts, singing and art are my passions. I am very much interested in Public Speaking and Political Activism through TELCO, to help make a positive change in the world we live in. I will not forget to mention my newly discovered talent for Blog Writing and as you may have figured out,  I never say "no" to an opportunity to grow intellectually, learn new things and climb the ladder to success.

On Thursday 29th of April, our school’s Young Enterprise Team from St. Bonaventure’s visited the Show My Homework (SMHW) offices situated in Stratford for our very own Enterprise Day. It wasn’t your everyday school trip, but it was surely a visit that assured us, as young people, that we have a definite future in the technologically advancing world of today, as long as we are able to innovate with our minds.

SMHW is a vital resource which we have relied, on as a school, for quite some time. It has given teachers a more effective and hassle-free way of setting homework, and has stopped students dodging their homework with silly excuses such as “My dog ate my planner”. Despite being a figure of hatred for the lazy and lackadaisical few, SMHW helps provide students like me, a stepping stone towards success, starting with the homework that we do.

The idea of digitising homework is a revolutionary idea and a lucrative one too. The CEO of SMHW, an enthused young entrepreneur named Naimish Gohil, and his crew of talented colleagues accommodated our every need whilst we were there. Mr. Gohil educated us with an interesting talk about the importance of technological advancements in the UK and around the world, and also how other large Tech companies have developed.

SMHW educated us about Digital Britain and how as young people, we have the power to make an impact with the power of our Digital Skills.  It was quite an interesting experience, as we discovered facts about the progression of the use of Technology in today’s world. It is evident through companies such as SMHW, that the astronomical boom in our reliance on revolutionary apps and devices, has changed the lives of the young and the old.

During our fun-packed day at their modern office building, we were also given a challenge: to create a business idea based on Technology, which will solve a problem in our everyday lives. It was at that point that we were split up into three groups by the SMHW Team and they sent us off to their meeting rooms, to plan and devise our own business ideas to present to the judges. With the names and mottos at the ready, Unity Squad, Set 1 and Zenith set off to work.  It was merely an hour that we had; that’s sixty minutes; 3600 seconds, in which we had to dig deep and innovate.

After we had devised our revolutionary ideas, we were taken back in for an intensive training session outlining the importance of Technology in our lives by an Apple Presentation Specialist. Shortly after, it was pitching time, with all our groups answering important and tough questions from the experienced judging panel about their service or product. It was an experience where we could put our oratory skills to good use and take pride in our creations.

The winners of the pitch were Zenith, with the idea for a digitised energy saving service which was aptly named the Modulator ™, and it was the group which I was a part of. We were rewarded with £10 Amazon gift vouchers. That is just amazing, and quite generous on the part of SMHW. As we waited for our lunch, we played a game of hot seat which got our minds working.

For lunch, we were treated to Dominos pizzas and we satiated our hunger in style as we sat in the chic, modern kitchen and lunch area which was topped with a bit of vibrant colour and hipster-ishness. The employees that were present were all so sociable and approachable, with everyone filled with a willingness to help out and an enthusiasm to answer our questions.  Some pupils, who were in a sporty mood, opted to play a bit of table tennis and the other few who wanted to express their views on their experience, were interviewed on camera for a SMHW Video.

For me, personally, it was an extremely fun day out, but also educational as we got an insight into the world of business and were able to observe how a modern day office works. Learning about this lucrative and successful business was a pleasure, and I need to thank SMHW for inviting us to their offices and for educating and arming us so that we can be ready for our future.

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