The Benefits of Online Tutoring

By Bethany Spencer on May, 4 2017
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When most people think of tutoring it drums up connotations of ferrying their child to and from their tutor’s house for them to spend the next hour focusing on a specific subject area to help drive their grades up‭. Despite their proven benefits they can be invasive to family life, expensive and time consuming. Not to mention that good tutors, who your‭ ‬child gets along with‭, ‬who are willing to make the journey to your house and are up to date with the national curriculum are hard to come by‭.‬

However‭, ‬with the innovations in teaching and technology‭, ‬you no longer have to sit in the car for an hour whilst your child receives additional lessons‭, ‬you can opt for online tutoring sessions that take place in the comfort of your own home, in front of a‭ ‬computer, with a real curriculum teacher‭. ‬

The realm of online tutoring may be daunting‭, ‬so here’s some of the main benefits‭.‬

Convenience and Flexibility

Not having to travel to your tutoring session means that you can allow more flexibility as to when your session is and who your‭ ‬session is with‭. ‬You’re no longer constrained by your postcode and don’t have to take into account time for travelling‭, so your evening isn’t disrupted and you can still enjoy some down time‭.‬

Familiar Medium

The idea of learning through the web may strike you as alien‭, ‬but this is second nature to your children. ‬Students are constantly Skyping and Facetiming so the thought of learning through video isn’t one that’s unfamiliar to them‭. ‬If you’re concerned that there will be limitations with learning online‭, ‬many channels allow tutors to view their tutees’‭ ‬work‭, ‬write on interactive whiteboards and share screens‭.‬

No Compromises

Perhaps the most beneficial factor of online tutoring is that it offers the same possibilities as learning in person‭. ‬Using a webcam means that tutors can still see when a child is struggling and show enthusiasm and encouragement when they need it‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬you don’t need to compromise on the skillset of the teacher or whether or not your child gets along with them‭. ‬You have the opportunity‭ ‬to find the perfect tutor for your child and ensure that they will always be available for your sessions‭.‬


When it comes to tutoring‭, ‬feedback and criticisms can be quite difficult to factor in‭. ‬Not only do you want to ensure that you’re kept in the loop‭, ‬but you also want to make sure that classroom teachers are too‭. ‬Some‭ ‬online tutoring services provide their tutors with a feedback form where they can make notes and give details on the performance and improvements made by your child‭, ‬as well as what has been covered in the session‭.‬

This can then be passed over to you and the classroom teachers so that you are both aware of how your child is getting on‭.‬


Possibly one of the most beneficial factors that tutoring can offer your child is helping them to manage their workload and prioritise their time‭. ‬Many children may feel put off the idea of tutoring because it takes up their personal time after school‭. ‬This is true‭, ‬but having a tutor when it’s needed means that everything you’ve learnt in those sessions can be applied to any homework‭, ‬revision or assignments‭, ‬making that task a lot quicker‭.‬

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