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Classroom Management Attendance
20 Dec 2023

Should We Be Worried About School Attendance?

School attendance has long been regarded as a cornerstone of education, playing a pivotal role in students' academic success and ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Classroom Management Covid-19
30 Oct 2020

Is it Time to Redefine Attendance for Self-Isolating Students?

Attendance has been more of a challenge than usual this academic year. School attendance

Author: Ben Greenwood

Classroom Management School Closures
09 Jun 2020 | Read time 4 mins

How Do You Manage a Socially Distanced Classroom?

As lockdown measures ease and some primary school students in England begin their return to school, many other schools across the UK, both primary and secondary, are beginning ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Autonomy Classroom Management Pedagogy
26 Feb 2020

What is Liberationist Pedagogy?

Liberationism flips the traditional classroom on its head. By putting the student at the centre of the classroom instead of the teacher, pupils have more say in what they learn ...

Author: Ben Greenwood

Classroom Management Pedagogy
13 Feb 2020

What is Behaviourism?

What is behaviourist pedagogy and what can cats teach us about the way students learn?

Author: Ben Greenwood

Classroom Management Learning Environment
18 Dec 2019

How to Create a Better Learning Environment

Teachers experience it in their classrooms, and parents experience it at kitchen tables and IKEA desks across the country: kids struggling to concentrate on their work or ...

Author: Ben Greenwood

Classroom Management Behaviour Management
30 Oct 2019

Creating Your Classroom Management Philosophy

One of the biggest sources of anxiety for new teachers is dealing with student behaviour. How will I manage a class of 20-30 students ...

Author: Ben Greenwood

Guide Teacher Workload Classroom Management Behaviour Management Data Management
01 Oct 2019 | Read time 12 mins

The Complete Guide to Reducing Teacher Workload

Teacher workload has long been a cause for concern. The teaching crisis has consistently ranked workload as one of the main reasons that teachers are leaving the profession, ...

Author: Ben Greenwood

CPD Blog Classroom Management
05 Nov 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Lesson Observations

Feedback is an integral part to your progression as a teacher, and lesson observations are an effective way to gather feedback and direction on areas for improvement. As ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Praise Blog Lesson Plans Classroom Management Behaviour Management
08 Oct 2018

The Impact of Effective Classroom Management

Classroom management is when a teacher exhibits complete control over their classroom through a series of strategies and techniques that encourage positive student ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Blog Teacher Wellbeing Classroom Management Student Wellbeing
01 Oct 2018

How Effective Classroom Management Impacts Teacher Wellbeing

The subject of teacher wellbeing has been on the rise in recent years in conjunction with the publicised teaching crisis and ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ yoga and meditation ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Classroom Management Behaviour Management
31 Jul 2018

What is the Impact of Praise on Behaviour?

Behaviour management is a fundamental pillar of the whole classroom management system. The behaviour of students in the classroom impacts a teacher’s ability to provide ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Blog Classroom Management
06 Mar 2018

The Benefits Seating Plans Can Have in Your Classroom

There’s more to a student’s academic success than just great teaching and great content; the environment in which they learn has a major impact on their progression.

Author: Bethany Spencer

Classroom Management
26 Apr 2013

The Pros and Cons of Using YouTube in the Classroom

YouTube in the classroom: can it be used as an engaging teaching and learning tool? Or is it a nothing more than a distraction?

Author: Naimish Gohil