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MIS Satchel One MIS
11 May 2023

Inside Satchel One MIS

Join Senior Product Manager, Ryan Baylis, as he discusses Satchel One’s evolution from learning platform to MIS and achieving ...

Author: Ryan Baylis

MIS Satchel One MIS
27 Feb 2023

The Future Of The MIS Market

Join Satchel’s Operations Director, Greg Young, on a journey through Satchel’s past, present and future as a cloud-based MIS. 

Author: Greg Young

MIS Cloud-based MIS Satchel One MIS
24 Jan 2023

10 Reasons To Switch Your MIS To A Cloud-Based System

As a headteacher, you understand the importance of streamlining communication and improving data management while also reducing costs.  A Management Information ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

MIS Cloud-based MIS Satchel One MIS
19 Jan 2023

What Is A Cloud-Based MIS For Schools?

Management information systems (MIS) play a critical role in helping school staff, administrators and senior leaders keep up with the demands of their jobs. They improve ...

Author: Antoinette Morris