Let's dive deeper into boosting teacher wellbeing, shall we? At our recent Leadership Coffee Morning, we had a fantastic discussion about practical ways to make a real difference. Natasha Mann, our guest speaker and an Assistant Principal with a knack for all things wellbeing, shared some gems of wisdom. She emphasized the importance of starting small to achieve big results. After all, as Natasha says,  

“Think big but start small - trying to do too much too soon can overwhelm people, Creating a micro plan is a great way to start.” -Natasha Mann

So, we've transformed Natasha's invaluable advice into a super handy poster! You can pop it up in your office, classroom, or even hand it out at your next wellbeing event. Let's take those first steps towards prioritizing teacher wellness together!


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Building strong connections among colleagues not only enhances morale but also serves as a crucial support system during challenging times. Encouraging open communication and providing opportunities for collaboration can cultivate a culture of care and empathy. By fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support, we can create an environment where teachers feel valued, understood, and empowered to prioritize their wellbeing. Let's continue to explore and implement strategies that promote a positive and nurturing workplace for educators, paving the way for enhanced student success and holistic growth.

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Natasha Mann's advice encapsulates a powerful philosophy that can truly transform the way we approach personal and professional development. It's all about embracing ambitious goals while being mindful of the journey ahead. By "thinking big," we allow ourselves to dream, to envision the remarkable changes we wish to bring about in our lives and communities. However, Natasha wisely reminds us that taking on too much too quickly can lead to burnout and frustration. Instead, she advocates for the concept of starting small – breaking down our aspirations into manageable steps.

This approach not only mitigates overwhelm but also sets us up for sustainable progress. It's like laying the foundation for a grand building; each small brick contributes to the creation of something magnificent. So, let's heed Natasha's words and embark on our journeys with enthusiasm, knowing that every small step forward is a significant achievement on the path to realizing our biggest dreams.

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Author: Pulse

Posted: 20 Feb 2020

Estimated time to read: 3 mins

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