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Education Technology Wellbeing Satchel One MIS
16 Mar 2023

Cloud Computing In School And Its Benefits

Using cloud computing in education — such as a cloud-based management information system (or MIS) — can increase ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Teacher Staff Wellbeing Wellbeing
07 Mar 2023

What Is 'Culture Fit' And How Does It Affect Staff Wellbeing?

‘Culture fit’ has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years. Keep reading to learn what the term actually means for school staff and how it affects their ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

MIS Satchel One MIS
27 Feb 2023

The Future Of The MIS Market

Join Satchel’s Operations Director, Greg Young, on a journey through Satchel’s past, present and future as a cloud-based MIS. 

Author: Greg Young

Education Technology Wellbeing Satchel One MIS
22 Feb 2023

How Has Technology Changed Education For Schools?

Technology has quickly become a staple in schools across the country, but have you ever wondered about the positive effect it's having? Keep reading to find out more. ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Schools Mental Health Student Wellbeing Wellbeing
13 Feb 2023

5 Ways To Promote Wellbeing In Your School

Student wellbeing has seen a lot more attention in recent years following the addition of wellbeing to the Ofsted framework. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the ways you ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Teacher Staff Wellbeing Wellbeing
02 Feb 2023

How Do Colleague Relationships Impact Staff Wellbeing?

Many teachers and staff members understand the value of solid relationships with headteachers, school administrators, and others in leadership roles. What they don’t always ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

MIS Cloud-based MIS Satchel One MIS
24 Jan 2023

10 Reasons To Switch Your MIS To A Cloud-Based System

As a headteacher, you understand the importance of streamlining communication and improving data management while also reducing costs.  A Management Information ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

MIS Cloud-based MIS Satchel One MIS
19 Jan 2023

What Is A Cloud-Based MIS For Schools?

Management information systems (MIS) play a critical role in helping school staff, administrators and senior leaders keep up with the demands of their jobs. They improve ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Staff Wellbeing Wellbeing Manager
03 Jan 2023

The Role Of The Manager In Staff Wellbeing

Strong manager-employee relationships enhance school wellbeing and help create a positive learning environment. This guide explains in more detail the importance of ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Staff Wellbeing Wellbeing Job Satisfaction
06 Dec 2022

What ‘Job Satisfaction’ Really Means And Why It’s So Important

It’s time to discuss Job Satisfaction and its effect on staff wellbeing. With longstanding challenges in both school recruitment and retention still ongoing, it’s more ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Staff Wellbeing Recognition Appreciation
23 Nov 2022

Creating a Culture of Appreciation & Recognition

With the introduction of wellbeing to the Ofsted framework, schools are looking for ways to monitor, improve and better understand how the different aspects of school life are ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Staff Wellbeing Cost of living Wellbeing
29 Sep 2022

The Cost Of Living Crisis In Schools

Schools have been some of the worst hit by the cost of living crisis, but how can school leadership support staff wellbeing in this difficult time? 

Author: Antoinette Morris

Teaching Assessment Formative Assessment Summative Assessment
24 Jun 2022

The Difference Between Formative And Summative Assessments

When it comes to formative assessments and summative assessments, if you're a

Author: Louise Raw

quiz creation Classroom Techniques Assessment
31 May 2022

Quizzes as Formative Assessment

As a teacher, you know how important it is to have a clear plan in place for assessing pupils’ performance. Formative assessment, in ...

Author: Louise Raw

Classroom Techniques Revision Digital Classroom
17 Mar 2022

Why Quizzes are Effective Revision Strategies for Students

When it comes to looking for revision strategies for students, teachers have tried it all. Flashcards, multiple choice quizzes, mock ...

Author: Louise Raw

Mental Health Distance Learning Covid-19
14 Dec 2021

A Return to Restrictions

With concerns raised over the new Omicron variant of Covid-19, the government introduced new guidance to schools across England and Wales. This article gives you an overview of ...

Author: Ross McDermott

Ofsted ofsted inspections Mental Health Student Wellbeing Staff Wellbeing
24 Nov 2021

How Does the Acceleration of Ofsted Inspections Impact Wellbeing?

Ofsted have recently revealed that they have been asked by the  government to accelerate Ofsted inspections, with all school and further education providers now expected ...

Author: Ross McDermott

Mental Health Teacher Wellbeing Student Wellbeing
08 Nov 2021

5 Ways to Improve Student and Teacher Wellbeing

In order to create a positive school environment, and with new wellbeing judgements being added to the Ofsted inspection handbook, it is important that schools are continuously ...

Author: Ross McDermott