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02 Oct 2023

Responsible Decision-Making: Guiding Students Towards Smarter Choices

Keep reading to learn more about the CASEL competency 'Responsible Decision-Making' and the impact it has on life skills, ethical reasoning and future success.

Author: Antoinette Morris

Back to School Teacher Resources
28 Sep 2023

The Back To School Honeymoon Period Is Over, Now What?

Expert educator Nicola Jones-Ford discusses the end of the school honeymoon period and how to navigate it.

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

25 Sep 2023

Teaching Relationship Skills For Improved Student Outcomes

Learn more about the CASEL competency 'Relationship Skills' and how it helps students ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

21 Sep 2023

Assessment Strategies For Social Emotional Learning In Primary Schools

Explore social emotional learning (SEL) assessment strategies for primary schools and learn how self assessment and peer feedback can enhance wellbeing.

Author: Lukas Kay

18 Sep 2023

Social Awareness In Schools: Cultivating Empathy And Cultural Competence

Read this blog to learn more about the CASEL competency 'Social Awareness' and ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Back to School Behaviour Management
15 Sep 2023

A Teacher’s Guide To Behaviour Management And The Student Who Won’t

Education expert Nicola Jones-Ford talks about converting the student who ‘won’t’.

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Edtech AI Sidekick
14 Sep 2023

AI In The Classroom: The Future Of Education

AI has taken education by storm and already started changing some of how we do things around here. Keep reading for a discussion ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

11 Sep 2023

Building Self Management Skills: Empower Your Students

Read this blog to learn more about the CASEL competency 'Self Management' and the impact it has on student academic outcomes, wellbeing and behaviour ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

MIS Cloud-based MIS Satchel One MIS
07 Sep 2023

Why Do We Need School Management? The Benefits of Choosing The Right MIS

The right management information system (MIS) can play a critical role in helping administrators and teachers educate their students, communicate with parents and do their jobs ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

04 Sep 2023

Developing Self Awareness: Nurturing Emotional Intelligence With SEL

Read this blog for a quick overview of the CASEL competency 'Self Awareness' and the impact it has on student academic outcomes, wellbeing and behaviour management.

Author: Antoinette Morris

Classroom Strategy LGBTQ+
13 Jun 2023

Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Strategies To Support LGBTQ+ Students

In today's diverse educational landscape, creating inclusive classrooms is essential to ensure that all students feel safe, valued and supported.

Author: Antoinette Morris

05 Jun 2023

The Link Between SEL And Positive Student Behaviour

Have you ever questioned the behaviour management system at your school? Students behave badly, reactively receive a detention or other punishment and then (more times than ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Teachers Staff Wellbeing Wellbeing
01 Jun 2023

Why Is Meaningful Work So Vital For Staff Wellbeing?

At the end of 2022, reports showed that the Department of Education missed its own targets for teacher recruitment, with overall training numbers down by

Author: Antoinette Morris

MIS Satchel One MIS
11 May 2023

Inside Satchel One MIS

Join Senior Product Manager, Ryan Baylis, as he discusses Satchel One’s evolution from learning platform to MIS and achieving ...

Author: Ryan Baylis

Teacher Staff Wellbeing Wellbeing
03 May 2023

The Implications Of School Management On Staff Wellbeing

The United Kingdom is home to over 32,000 schools, every single one of which needs ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Career Advice Staff Wellbeing Wellbeing
03 Apr 2023

Why Career Development Matters For School Staff

Ongoing career development is crucial for everyone who works in a school setting, from headteachers to part-time staff members. This blog explains the effect of career ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Education Technology Wellbeing Satchel One MIS
16 Mar 2023

Cloud Computing In School And Its Benefits

Using cloud computing in education — such as a cloud-based management information system (or MIS) — can increase ...

Author: Antoinette Morris

Teacher Staff Wellbeing Wellbeing
07 Mar 2023

What Is 'Culture Fit' And How Does It Affect Staff Wellbeing?

‘Culture fit’ has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years. Keep reading to learn what the term actually means for school staff and how it affects their ...

Author: Antoinette Morris