Key takeaways

  • Enhance staff engagement and retention through quarterly stay surveys, fostering open communication, addressing workplace issues, and improving morale.
  • Implement a preventive approach to staff turnover by identifying and addressing potential issues early, retaining valuable employees, and promoting a culture of accountability and staff value.

In a world where staff retention is crucial for schools, districts are exploring different ways of engaging and retaining their staff.

One of these ways is through a quarterly employee stay survey. Compared to the traditional annual review or exit interview, a quarterly stay survey has several benefits. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of quarterly stay surveys and how using them in combination with a regular climate survey can deliver powerful insights that result in improved staff retention.

Stay connected

First and foremost, a quarterly stay survey helps leaders maintain an open line of communication with their staff. This survey allows for a regular check-in, gauging their job satisfaction levels, and addressing any issues they may be facing in the workplace. Such surveys can determine if certain changes are necessary to improve the work environment, which ultimately leads to improved morale and engagement.

Prevention is better than cure

Secondly, a quarterly stay survey can act as a preventive measure for staff turnover. With this approach, for example, principals can identify potential issues that may make a teacher consider leaving the school. By addressing such concerns early, administrators can take proactive measures to correct them and retain valuable teams and employees.

Culture of accountability

A quarterly stay survey promotes a culture of accountability. With this approach, administrators create a work culture where staff feels valued and listened to, leading to better job satisfaction and work-life balance.

Achieve your goals - faster

Furthermore, these surveys provide insights on how to achieve the school and district goals faster since staff thoughts, feelings, and ideas are regularly taken into consideration. Quarterly stay surveys are useful to establish goals, targets, and to gather input to make strategic decisions.

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Climate survey tools and stay surveys

A climate survey tool is a useful addition to quarterly stay surveys, as it provides a standardized way of collecting feedback from staff on their job satisfaction levels and identifying areas for improvement. By using a staff survey tool, administrators can gather quantitative and qualitative data on staff perceptions of the work environment, leadership, communication, and other key factors that influence job satisfaction and retention. This information can be used to inform strategic decisions, such as developing retention programs, addressing issues with leadership or communication, or improving the work-life balance of staff.

A climate survey tool allows for anonymous feedback, which can encourage staff to be more honest and open about their experiences and concerns.

With schools looking for ways to retain their staff, the implementation of quarterly employee stay surveys, coupled with a climate survey tool, offers a powerful approach to improvement. By providing opportunities for open communication, identifying potential issues early, giving continuous feedback, promoting a culture of accountability, and collecting data-driven insights, administrators can create a more positive and productive work environment that fosters job satisfaction and retention.

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Author: Ashley Shannon

Posted: 05 Apr 2023

Estimated time to read: 3 mins

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