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The Importance of Mental Well-being During Exams and Year 6 SATs

By Bethany Spencer March 31, 2017

Mental health worries amongst students is a topic we’re familiar with. As the stigma surrounding..

@r_brooks1 on Using SMHW for Exam Preparations

By Nabeelah Bulpitt May 23, 2016
@r_brooks1 looks at using Show My Homework to prepare for the upcoming Science exams.

Jack's Tutoring Story

By Nabeelah Bulpitt November 11, 2015
Show My Homework's Jack looks at how Tutoring helped him achieve his target grade.

Nilo's Tutoring Story

By Nabeelah Bulpitt November 4, 2015
Show My Homework's Nilo talks about how Tutoring helped her get into a top school.

How To... Recover from Exams (The Dos and Don’ts)

By Nabeelah Bulpitt July 20, 2015
Exams are over; you must be exhausted! But fret not... Here's our guide to recovery.

How To... Help Your Child Deal with Exam Pressures

By Nabeelah Bulpitt June 25, 2015
Exams are so stressful! But as a parent you can float in the background to try and ease the..

It's Exam Season - Here Are Our Tips to Help Your Child

By Nabeelah Bulpitt June 22, 2015

If it hasn't already started, then it will hit you both soon... Yep, it's that time of year again

Confused About How to Revise? Give Our Methods a Go

By Nabeelah Bulpitt May 28, 2015
Maybe you're a little stuck on what revision method suits you! Try them all out to see what..

A Tutorial on Setting Exam Alerts & Accessing Resources

By Rhys Giles May 27, 2015

You can use Show My Homework to set reminders for exams and to store all your resources one..

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