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Mental Health, Distance Learning

How to Stay Healthy and Work from Home Effectively
By Bethany Spencer on March 27, 2020

As we find ourselves in the uncharted territory of school closures, business closures and whole companies working from home, we’re faced with new challenges.

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Parental Engagement, Distance Learning

Improving Your Child's Daily Routine for Home Learning
By Ben Greenwood on March 25, 2020

School may be closed and exams cancelled, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put our students’ learning on hold too. In fact, the next few months could be crucial in preparing your...

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Distance Learning

How to Deliver Successful Distance Learning from Home
By Bethany Spencer on March 23, 2020

With schools closed around the country, our means of delivering content has moved to online. We are fortunate to live in a century where we have the tools to make distance learning a...

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What You Need to Know now that Exams are Cancelled
By Ben Greenwood on March 20, 2020

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to change day to day life, it was announced by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, that schools will close this Friday (20th) and summer exams will be...

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Distance Learning

How to Implement Distance Learning at Your School
By Ben Greenwood on March 18, 2020

The world is changing. Our education system is being dragged unwillingly into the 21st century as it stubbornly digs in its heels. We’re finding that many traditional structures no...

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Embracing Technology, Pedagogy

Is Connectivism the Pedagogy of the Future?
By Ben Greenwood on March 11, 2020

So far we’ve covered the pedagogical theories of behaviourism, liberationism and social constructivism on the Satchel blog. This week we’ll explore the world of connectivism - a...

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collaborative learning, Pedagogy

Understanding Pedagogy - What is Social Constructivism?
By Ben Greenwood on March 6, 2020

Learning theories, or pedagogies, inform most of what you do as a teacher. Whether you notice it or not, your teaching method will likely fall under the umbrella of one of the main...

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Teacher Wellbeing, Student Wellbeing

Will Coronavirus Affect My School?
By Ben Greenwood on March 3, 2020

The advice in this article is true as of 09/03/20 - The situation is changing rapidly so for up to date information surrounding the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, check for...

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School Marketing

How to Market Your School to Parents
By Ben Greenwood on February 28, 2020

The school market is competitive. With so many schools trying to attract prospective students, and parents, it’s difficult to be heard above the noise. In this blog we’ll explore why...

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Autonomy, Classroom Management, Pedagogy

What is Liberationist Pedagogy and How Can You Apply it in the Classroom?
By Ben Greenwood on February 26, 2020

Liberationism flips the traditional classroom on its head. By putting the student at the centre of the classroom instead of the teacher, pupils have more say in what they learn and how...

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Classroom Management, Pedagogy

What is Behaviourism and How to Use it in the Classroom?
By Ben Greenwood on February 13, 2020

What is behaviourist pedagogy and what can cats teach us about the way students learn?

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teaching and learning, Teacher Workload, Pedagogy

What is Pedagogy? An Introduction to Learning Theories
By Ben Greenwood on February 5, 2020

Pedagogy, pronounced ‘ped-a-godge-ee’ (yes, we had to google that), is a term whose definition is regularly contested. Wedged somewhere between teaching theory and psychological...

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gender equality, PSHE

Free Sanitary Products in Schools to Beat Period Poverty
By Ben Greenwood on January 22, 2020

1 in 10 women aged 14-21 are unable to afford sanitary products. This can affect their confidence, ability to concentrate in class and ultimately, their performance at school.

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emails, Teacher Workload

Email Etiquette that Will Save Your School Time
By Ben Greenwood on January 15, 2020

It’s a familiar routine for most - sitting down after a full day of teaching to an overflowing email inbox and working through the bottomless pit of ‘To whom it may concern’ and ‘kind...

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British Values

The Problem with British Values and How Ofsted Can Fix It
By Ben Greenwood on January 10, 2020

The new Ofsted judgement framework, introduced in September 2019, saw ‘British Values’ surge in importance, as PSHE takes an increasingly significant role in the curriculum. But what are...

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Ofsted framework, Ofsted

How to Prepare for the New Ofsted Framework
By John Dabell on January 6, 2020

2019's Ofsted Framework changes threw a spanner in the works for many school leaders. It seemed like something of a change of course for our national regulatory body. A shift away from...

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Classroom Management, Learning Environment

How to Create a Better Learning Environment
By Ben Greenwood on December 18, 2019

Teachers experience it in their classrooms, and parents experience it at kitchen tables and IKEA desks across the country: kids struggling to concentrate on their work or outright...

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Ofsted, PSHE

The Importance of PSHE Under the New Ofsted Framework
By Ben Greenwood on December 16, 2019

In 2013, Ofsted highlighted a connection between outstanding schools and the provision of high quality PSHE lessons. Back then it was a sign of intent, a signal to schools to look ahead...

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