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Louise Raw

Baking & the National Curriculum: Comic Relief 2015

By Louise Raw March 12, 2015

Schools across the country have all been doing their bit to help raise money for Comic Relief by..

We're Shortlisted for Naace's 'Secondary Impact' Award

By Louise Raw February 27, 2015

Show My Homework has been shortlisted for Naace Secondary Impact Awards 2015!

10 Downing Street... That's Where We're Going #PITCH10

By Louise Raw February 17, 2015

Show My Homework are invited to #Pitch10 at Downing Street this week with TechCityUK! 

Our Stand Events for the BETT Show 2015

By Louise Raw January 19, 2015

The BETT 2015 overview from Show My Homework...Come and say hello at Stand C553!

How to Prevent Cheating in School

By Louise Raw January 15, 2015


In life there are always shortcuts. Shortcuts can come in many forms, be that a cheat for a..

Nominated for the Naace Impact Award - Secondary Impact

By Louise Raw January 13, 2015

Show My Homework has been nominated for Naace Impact Awards 2015 in Secondary Impact!

How to Adapt Materials to Use Them Online

By Louise Raw November 6, 2014

Our top three tips to adapting your resources and material for online use.

Our Halloween Competition (Pumpkitition, Spooktition?)

By Louise Raw October 20, 2014
Here's a great Halloween joke for you:  What's a Witch's favourite lesson? ... Spelling 

How to Engage the Harder to Reach Parents with Homework

By Louise Raw October 2, 2014

Parents lead busy lives and can be hard to reach in the best of times, let alone when it comes..

Lead by Example and Encourage Healthy Revision Techniques

By Louise Raw June 5, 2014

Our students are amidst one of the most stressful times in their academic lives with GCSEs and..

Explore Growth & Development Through CPD

By Louise Raw May 1, 2014
Looking into CPD courses can have a great impact on your career and help you grow as a..

Ofqual's GCSE Grade Scheme 1 - 9: Where Do You Stand?

By Louise Raw April 24, 2014

Ofqual have really shaken things up with their new grading system... What are your thoughts?

The Realms of Re-Marking & When to Ask About It

By Louise Raw April 17, 2014

For anyone who has ever sat an exam, the knowledge that your work can be re-marked, with the..

Making the Learning Experience More Immersive

By Louise Raw April 10, 2014

By talking about your own personal experiences, can this make the whole learning process more..

BBC News: Ashfield Girls' School's Online Homework Solution

By Louise Raw April 9, 2014

BBC News cover Ashfield Girls' School's online homework solution, Satchel's flagship software..

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