10 Reasons To Switch Your MIS To A Cloud-Based System

Author: Antoinette Morris

Posted: 24 Jan 2023

Estimated time to read: 5 mins

As a headteacher, you understand the importance of streamlining communication and improving data management while also reducing costs. 

A Management Information System (or MIS) can help you achieve all these goals. However, if you want to see the best results, you should switch to or invest in a cloud-based solution.

UK teachers are generally satisfied when their schools invest in new solutions like a cloud-based MIS, with one survey revealing that 76% of respondents had positive attitudes toward innovation. 

Many educators are demanding more sophisticated solutions to help them keep up with growing demands on their time. Switching to fully cloud-based systems for your school management processes can help you meet these demands.

Below, you’ll learn the top ten reasons to make the switch to a cloud-based platform today.


1. Switch to a cloud MIS to save money

One of the most significant benefits of switching your MIS to a cloud-based one is that cloud computing is highly cost-effective.

When you move to the cloud, you immediately reduce the cost of maintaining on-premise systems and cut down on IT spending.

A cloud-based MIS also eliminates the need to pay for regular upgrades, updates, and backups. These processes all get handled automatically and are included in the total cost of the software. 


2. A cloud-based MIS increases security

Cloud-based management information systems also increase your school’s security.

When you switch to this type of system, all of your school’s data gets transferred directly to a cloud hosting platform. As a result, you don’t have to worry about storing files and important documents at the school (where they could easily get lost, damaged, or fall into the wrong hands).

With your new system, you can stay flexible and feel confident that you’re always working with the latest security updates. These updates get handled automatically without any downtime or delays for you and your teachers.


3. Cloud-based software increases data accessibility

With a traditional MIS, you and your teachers must be at the school to access essential data. However, when you switch to a cloud-based MIS solution, this issue is a thing of the past. 

Cloud-based tools allow you to access data anywhere. This increased accessibility is excellent for teachers who may need to work from home or double-check information outside of school hours.


4. Cloud computing increases work flexibility

Increased data accessibility also allows for more flexible work for headteachers, teachers, and other staff members.

It’s not uncommon for educators to spend time outside of school hours catching up on tasks and getting ready for the next day. With the help of a cloud-based system, they get to enjoy more flexibility and have an easier time doing meaningful work outside of the school setting.

The following are some examples of tasks headteachers and other educators can perform more efficiently with a cloud-based solution:

  • Manage timetables (assign teachers to classes, change start and finish times, adjust schedules, etc.)
  • Update demographic information and keep tabs on specific students with ease
  • Speed up administrative processes with bulk actions, to-do lists and streamlined communication

Cloud-based MIS users can also use these systems to create custom reports with the information that’s most valuable to them and their staff.

MIS Thumbnail-What is cloude based MIS


5. A cloud-based MIS improves sustainability efforts

Many people are surprised to learn that cloud-based management information systems are more energy-efficient than other options.

Cloud solutions utilise computing power more efficiently than those that rely on local data storage. As a result, you’ll use less energy and minimise your environmental impact. It may also help to reduce the school’s energy costs.


6. Cloud-based software improves pupil management

Because cloud-based software allows you to access important data from anywhere, it improves pupil management processes.

These tools help you monitor critical metrics like attendance and report generation for vulnerable students, allowing you to connect and follow up with parents and guardians. Pupil wellbeing and performance are likely to improve as a result.


7. Cloud computing allows for easier integrations

The best cloud-based MIS solutions integrate easily with other tools educators rely on. For example, they will connect with platforms like Google Classroom and Microsoft.

These connections allow for improved functionality and let teachers (and other staff members) get the most out of their learning platforms. They also help users stay organised and save them from having to jump back and forth between different tools.


8. A cloud-based MIS helps you stay up to date

When you rely on a cloud-based MIS, you can rest easy knowing you’re always dealing with the most recent version of a document, report, data set, etc.

Even if you’re not in your office or at the school, you can still access the up-to-date data from anywhere and stay informed about the overall wellbeing of the school.

9. Cloud-based software offers increased peace of mind

Almost two-thirds of headteachers (65%) report feeling anxious at work. 

This means they really don’t need the added headache of an outdated, less secure, or poorly integrated management information system. Updating to a cloud-based system eliminates many day to day challenges, taking a lot off the plate of a busy headteacher.


10. Switch to the cloud to save time and work smarter 

Speaking of efficiency, that’s another critical benefit of switching to a cloud-based MIS.

Because you’re always working with the most up-to-date information and can conveniently access reports and data anywhere, anytime, you’ll be able to get more done in less time. As a result, you’ll have more freedom to focus on your wellbeing and ensure you’re putting your best foot forward in all areas of your life.


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