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01 Jun 2023

Is Meaningful Work Vital for Staff Wellbeing?

At the end of 2022, reports showed that the Department of Education missed its own targets for teacher recruitment, with overall training numbers down by

Author: Antoinette Morris

Teachers Homework Blog
28 Feb 2019

The Hard Hitting Result of the 2019 Teaching Crisis

It’s long been known that teachers are overworked and the burden of admin and excessive workload is impactful to their lives, both mentally and ...

Author: Naimish Gohil

Teachers Blog
21 Jun 2017

10 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Teachers

For some celebrities it seems as though teaching was a stepping stone in their career to stardom, with many of ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Teachers Education Blog Social Media Teaching and Learning
17 May 2017

Using Social Media in the Classroom

The impact of social media is undisputed, the simple use of a hashtag can start a movement and the simple act of sharing a status update or picture can reach millions of people ...

Author: Naimish Gohil

Teachers Guide Tutoring Online Tutoring Students & Parents Tutors Student Engagement Student Independence Teacher Resources Student & Parent Resources
04 May 2017

Debunking Tutoring Myths for Students

Tutoring is an easy way to get extra help when you need it‭. ‬Simple as that‭. ‬But even so‭, ‬there are a lot of myths and misconceptions ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Teachers Blog Guide Parental Engagement Parent-teacher Relationships Teacher Resources
04 May 2017

How to Encourage Positive Parent Teacher Relationships

Building relationships with your students’‭ ‬parents lays the foundation for a successful home-school partnership‭. ‬By interacting with parents ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Saving Time SLT Teachers Marking Blog Guide Teacher Resources SLT Resources Assessment
04 May 2017

Time-Saving Guide for Marking

Marking students’‭ ‬work and providing them with feedback to relay to them how they are performing is crucial to their own personal ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

SLT Teachers Parental Engagement Teacher Resources SLT Resources
04 May 2017

Top 3‭ ‬Tips for Engaging Parents

When thinking of parental engagement in a child’s school life‭, ‬thoughts of Parents’‭ ‬Evening and phone calls home may spring to mind‭. ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Saving Time Teachers Time Management Guide Time-saving Teacher Resources
04 May 2017

10 Time-Saving Teacher Hacks

Time constraints are a feature of most people’s day-to-day lives‭, ‬whether that be on a personal or professional level‭. ‬We can all benefit ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Teachers Students Blog Guide STEM Tech Girls Network Managers Teacher Resources Network Manager Resources
04 May 2017

The Importance of Getting Girls into Tech

We are more connected than ever thanks to the likes of Facebook and Skype‭, ‬and continue to develop ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Teachers Revision Blog Exam Tutors
03 May 2017

5 GCSE Revision Tips to Get You Exam Ready

We’re in the midst of the Summer Term for schools and for many that means the dreaded GCSE exam period. It’s a time that can be filled with ...

Author: Erin Anderson

Teachers Parents Students Blog Children Abuse in the Classroom
18 Mar 2016

Handling Teacher Abuse in the Classroom

Teacher abuse is something that we never quite think of or even acknowledge that it actually happens.

Author: Nabeelah Bulpitt

School Teachers Bullying Parents Blog Children Anti-bullying
20 Nov 2015

What to Do if Your Child is Being Bullied at School

Satchel looks at what measures can be taken if your child is being bullied at school. Bullying is often caused by an imbalance of power either perceived or real. It is the ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Autonomous Learning Teachers Parents Homework Students Blog
07 Sep 2015

How Homework Can Contribute Towards Autonomous Learning

Homework is a form of independent learning that allows students to take hold of the reins of their ...

Author: Nabeelah Bulpitt

Teachers Blog Teaching time gained time
21 May 2015

How to Take Advantage of Your “Gained Time”

When students go off for study leave, teachers pick up 'gained time'. We explore the best ways to utilise ...

Author: Nabeelah Bulpitt

Teachers Blog workload challenge
29 Jan 2015

Teacher Wellbeing - The Workload Challenge

Last year, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan gave teachers the chance to voice their concerns in The Workload Challenge, as a means to call upon them for feedback on their ...

Author: Louise Raw