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Gender Equality PSHE
22 Jan 2020

Free Sanitary Products in Schools to Beat Period Poverty

1 in 10 women aged 14-21 are unable to afford sanitary products. This can affect their confidence, ability to concentrate in class and ultimately, their performance at ...

Author: Ben Greenwood

Ofsted PSHE
16 Dec 2019

PSHE Under the New Ofsted Framework

In 2013, Ofsted highlighted a connection between outstanding schools and the provision of high quality PSHE lessons. Back then it was a sign of intent, a signal to schools to ...

Author: Ben Greenwood

Blog Mental Health Student Wellbeing PSHE
08 May 2019

Teaching Students About Wellbeing in School

The changes we’ve seen within education recently regarding the DfE’s and schools’ stance on PSHE and student wellbeing are huge steps in the right direction, however, this does ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Blog Student Wellbeing PSHE
08 Mar 2019

The Evolution of Sex and Relationship Education

The teaching of sex education has been constantly changing over the years, reactive to societal changes so that it reflects the current mood and is relevant for students at ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Bullying Blog Student Wellbeing Cyberbullying PSHE
01 Mar 2019

How to Stop Bullying: Advice for Schools and Parents

The rise in the use of social media amongst children has meant that bullying has transitioned into ...

Author: Emilio Cuasapaz