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26 Feb 2020

What is Liberationist Pedagogy?

Liberationism flips the traditional classroom on its head. By putting the student at the centre of the classroom instead of the teacher, pupils have more say in what they learn ...

Author: Ben Greenwood

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10 May 2017

5‭ ‬Steps to Increase Autonomy in the Classroom

It is our duty, not only to educate our students‭, ‬but to instill in them skills that will help them to succeed in a‭ ‬life outside of education‭. ‬By encouraging our students ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

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14 Nov 2013

Autonomous Learning in the Classroom - Giving Students the Reins

Teaching is hard. In case keeping 30 kids focussed for 60 minutes wasn’t ...

Author: Louise Raw