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Blog, CPD, Classroom Management

Everything you Need to Know About Lesson Observations
By Bethany Spencer on November 5, 2018

 Feedback is an integral part to your progression as a teacher, and lesson observations are an effective way to gather feedback and direction on areas for improvement. As a universally...

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CPD, Continuing Professional Development, social media, communication

'Making the Leap' - Thoughts on Networking & CPD by Jill Berry
By Jill Berry on November 1, 2017

Communication is key in every aspect of life - both professionally and personally. Within education, in order to grow and see changes in both yourself and the industry we need to be...

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Blog, Network Managers, software, training, support, CPD, software training, guide, Network Manager Resources

Investing in Training on Whole-School Software Systems
By Rhys Giles on May 4, 2017

To make the best of any software in a school‭, ‬it’s important that usage rates be as high as possible‭. ‬This is not only important for maintaining consistency‭, ‬but to get the...

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lifelong learning, Continuing Professional Development, CPD, Blog

Explore Growth & Development Through CPD
By Louise Raw on May 1, 2014

Looking into CPD courses can have a great impact on your career and help you grow as a professional.

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