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22 May 2018

GDPR Overview for Schools

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is nearly here but it doesn’t end on 25th May. Compliance will need to be improved upon over time ...

Author: Victoria Allen

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21 Mar 2018

Creating a Mobile Phone Policy in School

Almost everyone has a mobile phone. In fact, 95% of young people (aged 16-24) own a moblie phone, and that number rises year on year. We ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

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04 May 2017

The Current State of E-Safety In Education

As technology becomes progressively more accessible to young people‭; ‬schools‭, ‬parents‭, ‬government organisations and charities nationwide ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Technology Security Network Managers Online Safety Safeguarding
04 May 2017

Online Safety in School and a Secure Online Environment

With more students than ever gaining access to online learning platforms‭, ‬Ofsted are continually adapting their guidelines to include more ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

School Technology Blog
15 Jan 2016

3 Steps to Engaging Your Classes with Technology

Satchel looks at how technology can support your teaching and your students' learning.

Author: Hannah Ingleton

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30 Jun 2015

Parenting Pressures & Technology's Role in Education

Caroline Gallagher looks at the pressures of parenting and the role of ...

Author: Nabeelah Bulpitt

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19 May 2015

St. Bonaventure Enterprise Day at the Show My Homework HQ

@stbons Alton Mathew-Moghan gives an account of his time at the Show ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

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28 Apr 2015 | Read time 2 mins

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Tech for Your School

Technology has become pervasive in society, and it’s quite right that it should be used in every school too. Unfortunately, schools have been ...

Author: Nabeelah Bulpitt

Classroom Technology Blog
15 May 2014

Pros and Cons of Using Smart Phones in the Classroom

For years, the smart phone’s prevalence in our lives has increased so dramatically, that it’s existence in the classroom is now practically ...

Author: Louise Raw

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21 Jul 2013

10 Times Homework Doesn’t Work

  Regardless of the worth of homework, ...

Author: Naimish Gohil