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26 Jun 2020

What Will the Summer Holidays Look Like After Closures?

Schools in England are expected to return in full from September to kick start the new academic year. The announcement has, again, provoked a ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Summer Holidays
20 Aug 2019

Team Satchel's Summer Book Recommendations

It’s the summer holidays, and if you’re lucky enough not to be knee deep in marking papers, you’ll be taking this time to unwind and relax from ...

Author: Ben Greenwood

Summer Holidays Blog
28 Jul 2017

Summer Reading List for Teachers

One of the best parts about the summer holidays or a trip away is the chance to read without interruption. Nothing can beat having the time to ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Summer Holidays Blog
31 May 2017

How Do Teachers Relax During the Holidays?

Teachers and holidays. It’s a subject that raises just as much debate as homework. Of course the idea of having 6 weeks off from work in the ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Summer Holidays Blog
05 Aug 2016

9 Things Teachers Should Do This Summer

The Summer Holidays are real and they’re happening right now, and as teachers you should be ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Summer Holidays Exam Results
20 Jul 2015

The Dos and Don’ts of Exam Recovery

Now that exams are over, here's how to recover healthily without wasting all your hardwork developing learning skills. We've pulled together ...

Author: Nabeelah Bulpitt