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How to Adapt Materials to Use Them Online

By Louise Raw on November, 6 2014

Business man holding smartphone with chart symbols concept.jpeg

Our top three tips to adapting your resources and material for online use.

Unlike the traditional classroom setting, affording you with the forgiving wipe of the board when the bell rings, online homework is a much more permanent fixture. It does, however, provide you with the flexibility and capacity to effectively translate your ideas onto paper in your own time. So here's what to look out for:

1. A Break on Blocks of Text.

Studies have shown that students disengage when faced with a mountain of words, so keep text to a minimum and remember that formatting is key. Where you can, use bullet points, numbers or short paragraphs. The more concise you are, the greater clarity your students will have.

2. Punctuation is Paramount.

Take extra care with spelling, grammar and punctuation. As is the case with all homework set, this is vital to give students clear expectations. 

Take the age-old example of 'Let's eat Grandma!' and 'Let's eat, Grandma! - Punctuation really matters. Remember that you can always edit your work, but putting in the effort now will mean that it’s perfect to reuse time and time again. 

3. Take Heed with Hyperlinks.

Ensure that links are always well-spaced, underlined and are hyperlinks. You can embed them within the text for a cleaner finish, and you should always ensure that the link works (and takes students to a trusted site) before publishing a homework.

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