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Louise Raw

Blog, National Curriculum

Baking & the National Curriculum: Comic Relief 2015
By Louise Raw on March 12, 2015

Schools across the country have all been doing their bit to help raise money for Comic Relief by embarking on all sorts of fundraising campaigns. This year’s theme for Red Nose Day...

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teachers, Blog, workload challenge

Teacher Wellbeing - The Workload Challenge
By Louise Raw on January 29, 2015

Last year, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan gave teachers the chance to voice their concerns in The Workload Challenge, as a means to call upon them for feedback on their unnecessary...

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How to Prevent Exam Cheating in School
By Louise Raw on January 15, 2015

 In life there are always shortcuts. Shortcuts can come in many forms, be that a cheat for a video game to get you to the next level, serious performance enhancing drugs, or as simple as...

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Exams, Revision, Blog

7 Exam Tips Only Students Will Understand
By Louise Raw on December 18, 2014

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Homework, Blog, online, e learning

How to Adapt Materials to Use Them Online
By Louise Raw on November 6, 2014

As an infinite universe of information, the internet is a pretty good place to find educational resources. However, with so much content to sift through, it can be extremely time...

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parents, Homework, Blog, parental engagement

How to Engage the Harder to Reach Parents with Homework
By Louise Raw on October 2, 2014

Parents lead busy lives and can be hard to reach in the best of times, let alone when it comes to homework. We've shared some top tips on how you can engage the harder to reach parents...

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Exams, Revision, Blog

Lead by Example and Encourage Healthy Revision Techniques
By Louise Raw on June 5, 2014

Our students are amidst one of the most stressful times in their academic lives with GCSEs and A-Levels fast-approaching, and needless to say, the pressure is on.

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classroom, Technology, Blog

Pros and Cons of Using Smart Phones in the Classroom
By Louise Raw on May 15, 2014


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lifelong learning, Continuing Professional Development, CPD, Blog

Explore Growth & Development Through CPD
By Louise Raw on May 1, 2014

Looking into CPD courses can have a great impact on your career and help you grow as a professional.

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gcse, Ofqual, grading, Blog

Ofqual's GCSE Grade Scheme 1 - 9: Where Do You Stand?
By Louise Raw on April 24, 2014

Ofqual have really shaken things up with their new grading system... What are your thoughts?

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grading, Blog, remarking

The Realms of Re-Marking & When to Ask About It
By Louise Raw on April 17, 2014

For anyone who has ever sat an exam, the knowledge that your work can be re-marked, with the possibility of the grade increasing, is for many, too tempting to turn down.

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emotion-memory, classroom techniques, immersive, Blog

Making the Learning Experience More Immersive
By Louise Raw on April 10, 2014

By talking about your own personal experiences, can this make the whole learning process more personal?

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News, Technology, Blog, Press

BBC News: Ashfield Girls' School's Online Homework Solution
By Louise Raw on April 9, 2014

BBC News cover Ashfield Girls' School's online homework solution, Satchel's flagship software Show My Homework. 

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Self-Assessment, teaching method, Lesson Observation, Ofsted, Blog

A Different Take on Lesson Observations
By Louise Raw on April 3, 2014

How useful and important do you find feedback? What do you do when taking it into consideration?

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peer learning, Blog, collaborative learning

Collaborative Learning in the Classroom
By Louise Raw on January 30, 2014

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Tips, Exams, holiday, Revision, Blog

Smart Revision Techniques for the Christmas Break
By Louise Raw on December 26, 2013

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role models, lifelong learning, modeling, pursuit of knowledge, parents, Articles, apps, Blog

The Pursuit Of Knowledge and Lifelong Learning
By Louise Raw on December 5, 2013

The importance of role models and the pursuit of knowledge for lifelong learning.

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well-balanced education, Education, Blog, gender equality

Rethinking Stereotypes, Subjects & Stigmatism
By Louise Raw on November 28, 2013

What many perceive to be nothing more than a social construction, gender norms undoubtedly penetrate every aspect of our lives, from wearing pink or blue as a baby, playing with cars or...

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