Supporting Your Child's Learning at Home 

Author: Bethany Spencer

Posted: 09 May 2017

Estimated time to read: 3 mins

Family involvement in children’s education has proven to have a positive impact on a student’s school life‭. ‬In Britain‭, ‬studies have identified that students who are regularly supported by their parents‭, ‬perform significantly better in class exercises‭, ‬exams and become more confident with their independent learning‭. ‬supporting your childs learning at home

Parents who express an interest in school work, encourage their children to take their homework and revision seriously and support them at home‭, help them perform to the best of the abilities‭. ‬Although it is equally as important for students to develop independent study skills‭, ‬regular parental involvement in education can advance the way children learn‭. ‬

We’ve come up with a few simple ways in which you can help to support your child’s learning at home‭, ‬to ensure that they are performing to the best of their ability‭.‬

Set up a study space

Studying at home has always been a problem for children‭. ‬With the overwhelming temptations of playing video games‭, ‬watching TV and socialising with friends on social media after school hours‭, ‬it’s natural for procrastination to happen‭. ‬However‭, ‬providing your children with a productive study environment at home will help‭ ‬students with their homework needs‭.

‬This study space should‭, ‬if possible‭, ‬be a quiet place in your home away from distractions and have everything your child needs to complete the task at hand‭ - ‬papers‭, ‬notepads and laptop if necessary‭. ‬Having this space will help to eliminate distractions and increase your child’s engagement with their homework tasks‭. ‬By taking away the little distracting things‭, ‬these study spaces can help your child to complete homework to their highest standard‭.‬

Provide support

There is a fine line between helping your child with their homework and doing it for them‭. ‬The goal for parental involvement is to support your child when they need help and build their confidence when answering questions and solving problems‭.

When supporting your child‭, ‬it is important to regularly communicate with them and ask questions to ensure they understand the exercise and the thought process behind their answer‭. ‬Showing a continuous interest‭, ‬will encourage‭ ‬your child to work harder‭, ‬and attempt to independently tackle these homework tasks in the future‭. ‬With the right guidance and‭ ‬support‭, ‬parental involvement can empower students to reach their full potential in education and future careers‭.‬

It is also important to consider when it is time for self-directed learning‭. ‬This mode of study encourages children to challenge‭ ‬themselves‭, ‬solving homework tasks on their own and working autonomously‭. ‬With the balance between providing support and independent learning‭, ‬students will be prepared for life outside of school‭. ‬

Outside support

With a busy work and home life‭, ‬it can be difficult to find the time to assist your child with their homework needs‭. ‬Not to mention that in some subject areas‭, ‬you may not feel equipped to give full support‭. ‬

One-on-one attention from a tutor is a great way‭ ‬to help your child complete homework if they feel the need for additional help. ‬Investing in a tutor can help build your child’s academic progression and confidence‭. ‬It’s important to have regular communication with your child’s school so you keep up-to-date on their progress‭. ‬Relying on your child’s feedback isn’t the easiest way to stay in-the-know on how they’re performing‭. ‬

Talking with teachers can provide you with a clear insight into their school work and behaviour and they can always suggest ways in which you can further support your child at home‭.‬ Providing your child with the tools to complete work successfully at home will contribute to their overall school experience and‭ ‬help to ensure they are working to the best of their capabilities‭. ‬Being actively involved in your child’s school life can help to improve your child’s academic progression‭, ‬especially when this is executed consistently‭.

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