Why Join Your School's PTA?

Author: Bethany Spencer

Posted: 10 May 2017

Estimated time to read: 3 mins

Parent Teacher Associations‭ (‬PTAs‭) ‬get a bad wrap in the media, with films depicting cliquey mums who run the‭ ‬‘club’‭ ‬of which your baking for their latest fundraising event will never be good enough‭. The truth in this stereotype is that PTAs do‭ ‬in fact run fundraising events‭, ‬but that’s about the only thing that rings true‭.Happy volunteer family separating donations stuffs on a sunny day

‬PTAs are in fact a great way to help make a positive impact in your child’s school‭, ‬be that through pushing for new initiatives or helping to improve the communication between home and school‭. ‬We’ve gone through some of the benefits of joining a PTA so you can get a better understanding of how they run, and if they’re worthwhile for you:

Stay informed about what’s going on in school

By attending your school’s PTA meetings you’ll be kept in the loop about what’s going on in the school first-hand as opposed to hearing it through playground Chinese Whispers‭. ‬Not only this‭, ‬but you’ll be able to voice your opinions on what new initiatives the school may be bringing in and also use this as a forum to voice any concerns or ideas you may have‭. ‬

Represent the parent body and meet new people‭ ‬

By default‭, ‬every parent is a member of the PTA but not everyone is actively involved‭. ‬By going along to the meetings you’re acting as a representative for the rest of the parents who may not be able to attend but still have concerns and ideas they need communicated‭. ‬Not only this‭, ‬but attending these meetings is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends‭.‬

Make a positive impact in your child’s education

Attending events outside of your home and work life is a great example to set for your child‭. ‬They will understand the importance of making commitments and following them through‭, ‬but also the importance of donating their free time to worthwhile causes‭. ‬Not only this‭, ‬but issues discussed within these meetings regarding the school have a direct impact on your child’s education and it’s important that you get to have a say in these matters‭. ‬

You can choose how involved you are

Being a part of your PTA isn’t like signing a contract‭, ‬you’re not expected to attend every single meeting‭, ‬you can be as involved as much as you like‭. ‬Teachers and parents know how busy and valuable your time is and understand that committing to every meeting is a hard task‭. ‬Attending once or twice a year and volunteering at fundraising events is more than enough‭, ‬and will make a positive impact‭.‬

Have a say in where money raised is spent

Being an active member of your PTA means you have a part to play in where money raised is spent‭. ‬The great thing about PTA groups is that through fundraising and brainstorming you can provide your school and its students with resources and opportunities‭ ‬that they may not have otherwise been able to afford‭. ‬These can include funding school trips‭, ‬providing tech equipment that’s needed or revamping areas of the playground‭. ‬Whatever it is‭, ‬you will help to make a difference to you child’s and other students‭, ‬school career‭.‬

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