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Back to School Teacher Resources
28 Sep 2023

The Back To School Honeymoon Period Is Over, Now What?

Expert educator Nicola Jones-Ford discusses the end of the school honeymoon period and how to navigate it.

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Back to School Behaviour Management
15 Sep 2023

A Teacher’s Guide To Behaviour Management And The Student Who Won’t

Education expert Nicola Jones-Ford talks about converting the student who ‘won’t’.

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Distance Learning Interventions
29 Jan 2021

Expert Insights - How to Run Remote Interventions

This week Nicola Jones-Ford shares her thoughts and lessons from staging remote interventions for students during ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Empathy Covid-19
14 Oct 2020 | Read time 4 mins

The Hidden Lesson in Washing Hands

We haven’t been back in school long but it is already becoming hard work for staff to remember all the new measures and procedures that need to be in place. Queing and ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

SEND Slow Processing
06 Dec 2019

How Can Teachers Support Students with Slow Processing?

Have you ever noticed when a student takes a longer time to get an answer, but you can see them working hard to get there? Perhaps you’ve read the educational psychologist ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

01 Nov 2019

How Can Teachers Support Students with ASD?

What is ASD? Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a broad term that incorporates aspergers, austistic ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

Government SEND
25 Oct 2019

What I Learned Attending the Government SEND Inquiry

After making a written submission to the call for evidence in the SEND inquiry, I was invited in January to attend a Committee Meeting with ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford

18 Oct 2019

How Can Teachers Support Students with ADHD?

This week we're excited to have Nicola Jones-Ford, our Education Coach, write a specialist blog on ...

Author: Nicola Jones-Ford