Ideas for Your Next PTA Fundraising Event

Author: Bethany Spencer

Posted: 19 Sep 2017

Estimated time to read: 3 mins

Whatever the cause you’re raising money for, the key to a good fundraiser is to make it fun. Here are just a few ideas that you and your PTA could take inspiration from when organising your next PTA fundraising event.Tray of desserts on counter in cafe.jpeg

Battle of the Bands

Recruit talent from the town or call upon budding musicians in the school to battle it out for the title of ‘Best Band’ - you could uncover the next big thing!

Quiz Night

Test your local community’s general knowledge with your very own quiz! Charge for entry, and if people really want to replicate the pub quiz feel, make it BYOB and charge a corkage fee!

Silent Auction

Ask the school body and local businesses for donations and see how much you can auction them off for - donations could range from a night of babysitting or an overnight stay at a spa!

Coffee Morning

Don’t leave the baking for GBBO - set up for your own coffee morning in school, recruit the school body to deliver the baked goods and find your own star baker.

School Sleepover

Find some brave volunteers to supervise and let the students run loose in the school overnight! Charge for attendance, order some pizzas and set up a tuck box, what could go wrong?!

Movie Night

Put a vote to the school body and air the winning film on the big screen in school! Set-up snack stands and charge for entry and all enjoy watching a classic together.

Car Wash

Set up your own car wash in your school car park and open it to the public - there’s going to be more than a few parents who’d pay to see their kids get the cars gleaming.

Headteacher for the Day

A spin on the classic fancy dress day, students (and teachers) pay to dress up as the Headteacher for the day and the Head picks the person who best captured their style.

Sponsored Silence

Enjoy some peace and quiet and nominate your school’s chatterbox to stay silent for the day and collect sponsorship for their efforts.

Dinner Party

Put on a spread either at your home or at the school and cater for the masses - make it BYOB and charge a set price per head, a perfect excuse for some indulgent food!

Talent Show

Channel your school’s inner Britain’s Got Talent and showcase the weird and wonderful talents from around your area and put on a great show!

Board Games

Host a board games tournament after school - crack out some old classics and hook up some video games, charge a small fee to enter and set up food stalls to keep energy levels high!

Non-Uniform Day

Nothing can beat the classic non-uniform day, get students to pay to wear an outfit of their choice to school and maybe even ask for extra money to convince the teachers to wear uniform!

Teachers vs. Students

Spark some healthy competition with a teachers vs. students sports match - football, netball or swimming gala - whatever the sport put on a show and ask people to pay to watch.

Karaoke Night

Wire up Singstar and it’s the perfect excuse to get everyone together to show off their (potential) skills. Give out awards for the most talented and entertaining performances!

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