5 Simple Ways to Make Your Homework Outstanding

Author: Bethany Spencer

Posted: 13 May 2015

Estimated time to read: 2 mins

Homework is great a consolidating knowledge of everything you learnt during the day. It teaches you how to work independently through using your own initiative, be that through research or taking it upon yourself to seek help of  your own accord. Additionally it can help to improve grades - making a conscious effort on your homework can help you excel in subjects that you may be having difficulty in.
make your homework outstanding

1. Keep it fresh

Where possible, it’s best to complete the homework the day it was set rather than putting it off till tomorrow. If the homework of a particular subject is done the same day the concept is taught, the brain will more likely be able to store the information better.

2. Resources

Sometimes it can be quite helpful to consult various books to understand a topic better. Doing more research and reading around a topic will not only help you be more confident about the topic, but will enhance the quality of your homework.

3. Ask your teacher

If you’re unsure about what is set to you it’s better to ask the teacher personally what they want in the homework. Following proper instructions will make sure you are not missing out any important points as well as providing the teacher with a well thought out piece of work they’ll enjoy marking.

4. Plan your time

It's important to manage your time accordingly, ensuring you leave yourself enough time to to complete all homework to the standard you and your teacher will be happy with. If you’re unsure on how long you should spend on your homework be sure to ask your teacher, they’ll be able to give you more instructions.

5.  Tools

There is also an abundance of online technologies designed to help you stay on track with your homework. These can either help you revise, or stay organised. If you don’t have internet at home you can always use your computer suite at school.

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