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Bethany Spencer

Blog, collaboration

Top 3 Collaborators in Edtech
By Bethany Spencer on April 6, 2017

Collaboration is a powerful practice that helps us grow, be that personally, professionally or emotionally. Within education and edtech the sharing of ideas and working together to...

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Blog, mental health, Exams, SATs

The Importance of Mental Well-being During Exams & Year 6 SATs
By Bethany Spencer on March 31, 2017

Mental health worries amongst students is a topic we’re familiar with. As the stigma surrounding mental health is slowly chipped away at, we’re more exposed to the full extent of just...

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Blog, community, super union

Making your School a Community & the New Super Union
By Bethany Spencer on March 24, 2017

Education is collaborative. In order for us to achieve the best, we share ideas and work together to find new ways in which we can engage with our students, our team and our parents and...

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Press, Blog, awards

ERA Award Winners
By Bethany Spencer on March 20, 2017

Friday 17th March saw the annual ERA Awards ceremony take place at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham. Co-founder Jon and Sales Manager Dan were in attendance to represent Team...

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Blog, Praise

The Power of Praise
By Bethany Spencer on March 17, 2017

Praise makes us feel good. Fact. Receiving praise releases dopamine - the neurotransmitter that drives our brain’s reward system. Dopamine releases feelings of enjoyment and...

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Blog, marking, Feedback, Praise, Assessment

The Importance of Timely and Effective Feedback
By Bethany Spencer on March 9, 2017

Marking, although time consuming, is paramount to students’ progression. It is considered by Ofsted as instrumental to the quality of teaching whilst the Sutton Trust Education Endowment...

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international women's day, gender equality, STEM, girls' education, Blog

International Women's Day
By Bethany Spencer on March 8, 2017

There is no denying that in our country we have come a long way in terms of fighting gender inequality, but equally there is still a way to go. The simple fact that we are still rallying...

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Blog, The Techies, awards

The Techies Award Winners
By Bethany Spencer on February 24, 2017

Last night saw The Techies 2017 award ceremony take place at The Mondrian Hotel in London, and we were lucky enough to be named winners of The Ultimate App or Website for our flagship...

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bett, bett awards, sir ken robinson, bett show, heston blumenthal

Bett 2017 Round-up
By Bethany Spencer on January 31, 2017

Yet another Bett has been and gone, and what a show it’s been. As always, it has not failed to disappoint, showcasing the best in edtech, new and old. We were taken aback by not only the...

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satchel, Show My Homework, Blog

Hello, Team Satchel
By Bethany Spencer on January 5, 2017

So, you may have noticed a few changes to Show My Homework recently. The reason for this is because our name has changed, we are now Satchel.

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eating disorders, body image

Raising Awareness of Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues
By Bethany Spencer on August 12, 2016

The steps we can take as educators to raise awareness of eating disorders and body image issues in our school.

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Summer Holidays, Blog

9 Things Teachers Should Do This Summer
By Bethany Spencer on August 5, 2016

The Summer Holidays are real and they’re happening right now, and as teachers you should be taking full advantage on this much deserved time off. But with A-Level and GCSE results right...

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Blog, Ember, engineering, EdTech, Technology

Show My Homework at Ember Camp
By Bethany Spencer on July 19, 2016

On Tuesday 12th July, some members of our Engineering Team attended EmberCamp along with 150+ other Ember community, core team and international talent.

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Blog, gender, gender equality, women, men, Students, teaching, raising awareness, STEM

The Importance of Teaching Gender Inequalities
By Bethany Spencer on July 7, 2016

The fight for gender equality has come a long way, but we’re not there yet and it’s important we educate our students on this.

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Education, Blog, Press, teaching, bett2016, nicky morgan

Show My Homework CEO meets with Secretary of State, Nicky Morgan
By Bethany Spencer on January 29, 2016

Show My Homework's CEO Naimish Gohil meets with Secretary of State Nicky Morgan for a chat.

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Press, upscale

SMHW Selected as 1 of the First 30 Companies to Join Upscale from Tech City UK
By Bethany Spencer on January 28, 2016

We’re delighted to announce that today, we’ll be joining Upscale!

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resources, learning, Press, teaching, exclusive, HarperCollins

Show My Homework Partners with HarperCollins
By Bethany Spencer on January 21, 2016

Market leading homework software to announce partnership with HarperCollins’ education division.

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School, teachers, Bullying, parents, Blog, children, anti-bullying

What to Do If Your Child Is Being Bullied at School
By Bethany Spencer on November 20, 2015

Satchel looks at what measures can be taken if your child is being bullied at school.

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