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17 Sep 2018

Teacher Wellbeing and School Improvement

Teaching has always been a high pressure job, despite what some may say with regard to the length of holidays and about those not being able to ‘do’, and who instead ‘teach’. ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Classroom Management Behaviour Management
31 Jul 2018

What is the Impact of Praise on Behaviour?

Behaviour management is a fundamental pillar of the whole classroom management system. The behaviour of students in the classroom impacts a teacher’s ability to provide ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Blog Edtech Digital Literacy
26 Jun 2018

Steps to Becoming Digitally Literate

Becoming digitally literate is not a simple step-by-step process. Digital literacy is itself a spectrum, and you as a school can choose what ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Blog Digital Literacy
22 May 2018

Digital Literacy: The Quest to Become Digitally Literate

Our world has been engulfed by technology, and the speed at which this has happened has taken Britain by storm. Today, our young people are growing up in a world that was ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Homework Blog Differentiated Homework
17 Apr 2018

Differentiated Homework: What it is, Benefits and How to Apply

Differentiated instruction in education has been a practice which schools and educators have been embracing since the 1960s. The concept of differentiated instruction was born ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Assessment Attainment 8 and Progress 8
11 Apr 2018

Understanding Progress 8 and Attainment 8

Progress 8 was introduced in 2016 for all schools with the intention of ensuring students are studying a broad and ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Flipped Classroom
10 Apr 2018

Flipped Learning: Research, Benefits and How to Implement  

Flipped learning has risen to prominence over the past few decades and its popularity has soared in more recent years. It’s not entirely clear when the term ‘flipped ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Exams Revision Blog
03 Apr 2018

How to Get Your Students Exam Ready

Exam season is arguably the most stressful time of year for the school body. Tensions are running high for parents, students and teachers, and it’s the

Author: Bethany Spencer

Exams Revision Blog Exam
03 Apr 2018

Exam Revision Tips for Students 

The saying ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ is always applicable when it comes to exams. Getting yourself ready for an exam is of the utmost of importance, and there’s ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Technology Blog
21 Mar 2018

Creating a Mobile Phone Policy in School

Almost everyone has a mobile phone. In fact, 95% of young people (aged 16-24) own a moblie phone, and that number rises year on year. We understand that introducing a Mobile ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Feedback Blog
14 Mar 2018

Providing Efficient and Effective Feedback

Feedback is fundamental to students’ progression and good classroom management. However, over the ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Homework Blog
07 Mar 2018

What is the Wider Purpose of Homework? 

Homework has more of an impact on students than just helping improve their academic achievement. Studies have shown that regular homework can improve a multitude of life ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Blog Classroom Management
06 Mar 2018

The Benefits Seating Plans Can Have in Your Classroom

There’s more to a student’s academic success than just great teaching and great content; the environment in which they learn has a major impact on their progression.

Author: Bethany Spencer

Homework Blog
05 Mar 2018

The 5 Metrics You Need to Know for Tracking Effective Homework

As a teacher, setting effective homework is only half the battle, getting your ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Homework Blog
05 Mar 2018

What Makes a Good Piece of Homework?

The completion of homework has long been linked to higher academic achievement in secondary ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Homework Homework Policy Parental Involvement
29 Nov 2017

Increase Parental Involvement with Your Homework Policy

Homework can create a sense of tension at home for a number of reasons - tasks are set inconsistently, completing homework is always left to the last minute and children ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Blog Lesson Plans
21 Nov 2017

What Makes an Outstanding Lesson?

There isn’t one sure fire way to deliver the perfect lesson because there are, of course, extraneous variables that will mean each and every lesson you give is different.

Author: Bethany Spencer

Bullying Anti-bullying
14 Nov 2017

The Difference Between Bullying and Banter

"But it's only banter sir!" Ah yes. The word that has come to mean so much more than it was originally intended is now commonplace in schools. It's ...

Author: Bethany Spencer