The Day We Opened Our Doors to... St Bonaventure's!

By Bethany Spencer on May, 6 2015
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An inspiring business venture... bright and sharp minds... and pizza - all in a day's work!

On Thursday 29th April we opened our doors to some promising students from St.Bonaventure’s School (@stbons) for a workshop in line with The Enterprise Scheme they were following. The aim of the day was for students to work in teams and compete against each other to think up the next Billion Dollar Tech Company.

This was the first group of students that we welcomed into the Show My Homework offices and we didn’t quite know what we were going to be faced with, but the overwhelming consensus at the end of the day was that we were all utterly blown away at how innovative and professional these students were – their billion dollar businesses could be quite that!

Not only were we impressed with the calibre of students we had the pleasure of spending our day with, we were also proud to see how willing these boys were to get involved and soak up the information that was being passed onto them from members of the team – Naimish, CEO and Rhys, Head of Training gave presentations to the boys on current Digital Britain and how to successfully pitch their ideas to the SMHW judging panel.

The winning team was awarded with a £10 Amazon voucher and the day was rounded off with an energetic game of ‘Hot Seat’ courtesy of Louise, Marketing Manager and a feast of Dominoes. The entire day was an amazing experience for us and we wish all the best for the boys from St. Bonaventure’s.


The Enterprise Day at Show My Homework touched upon the importance of leadership and maintaining a positive attitude. The boys were given a speech from Naimish on leadership and the qualities leaders possessed by the leaders they admire and the qualities they believe a good leader should have - they were then asked to divide these qualities into one of three categories ‘Skill, Knowledge, Attitude’ and decide which out of the three were the most important to possess in order to succeed. The answers were varied, but the one thing the groups had in common was that the qualities they admired in leaders were categorised as ‘Attitude’.

Studies conducted at Stanford and Harvard found that the overriding quality that employers look for nowadays is a good attitude toward work and the company - the ability to think outside the box, determination and drive are qualities that can lead a person to success. This is a lesson that needs to be taught to students when they are young so they can grow and develop these qualities to help them succeed in later life.

Following on the success of the workshop we’re to arrange for some Year 13 students from St Bonaventure’s to come along to our offices for another workshop to help get them inspired for their life after Sixth Form.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the boys who came along and thank you to Mr. Nelson who took the time out of his day to accompany them, and finally a huge congratulation to Team Zenith – well deserved winners!

Okay okay, I've talked enough about what a great day we all had at Show My Homework HW - read it first hand for yourself! Here is the magnificent Alton's account of the day... right... here!

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Hey! How about an Enterprise Day for your school?! We'd love to have you!
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