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What Should You Do After Your GCSE Results?

By Bethany Spencer on August, 20 2015
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Today’s the day - results are in, and across the country thousands upon thousands of 16 year olds are receiving the news that they feel may determine the rest of their lives (spoiler alert - it won’t). GCSEs are not the be all and end all, and the decisions you make following on from today aren’t going to determine the person you become at 40.Focused classmates studying together and using laptop in library.jpeg

This blog was going to be a look at the choices that you can take following on from GCSEs, specifically whether or not staying at your current school or going to college is the right choice for you. This was the biggest question that hung over my head when I was where you are today. But instead, it’s going to act as a little reminder that you are only 16.

No one’s denying that this part of your life is important, and this is one of the biggest decisions you’ve faced, but do you remember when choosing your Year 9 options were as well? Yep, that’s just a distant memory now isn’t it?

And when it comes to post A-Level or college choices, you’re going to be faced with an even bigger decision. After that you better get ready to look forward to deciding the places you want to live, jobs to apply for, what career you want, who on earth you’re going to marry, do you keep it small or go big or even go abroad, what to name your first child...

Do you see where I’m going with this?

For the rest of your life you’re going to be faced with decisions that are going to overwhelm you, so for today, when you’re looking at your results, whether they are good, bad or okay - thinking about your options and seeing everything flash before your eyes, just take a deep breath and try and look at this pragmatically and remember that re-sits aren't the end of the world.

Think about what you want to do - not what you think you can, should or shouldn’t do, what your friends are doing or what you think your parents want you to do.

Be selfish and do what you want to do and don’t look back. Friends will come and go, except the really good ones (and in the back of your head you already know that), your parents will be there forever - take my word for this, after I’d chosen to study a Media course at Uni I heard my Dad saying he wished I would have taken English. Today, he’s my number 1 fan, even in my media related job.

So my advice to you is to be selfish, you’re 16, you can be, it’s your life and you should be. Have fun. Being young (or being any age) isn’t meant for worrying, but especially not now. Appreciate being 16 and not having to worry about paying bills, having summer holidays that last forever, getting to see your friends every single day and knowing you still have time to to figure things out. 

Think of all the exciting things you’ve got to come. Do what you want to do and don’t think that all the choices you make after today are going to determine everything that happens from here on out. You’re in control and can drive your life any which way you want.

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