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By Bethany Spencer on July, 19 2016
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On Tuesday 12th July, some members of our Engineering Team attended EmberCamp along with 150+ other Ember community, core team and international talent.

For those of you that are unfamiliar, Ember is a cutting-edge framework, the one that we use at SMHW HQ to build our front-end - that’s the interface our users see and interact with. Ember is an open source software which community members contribute to from all over the world.


After we have hosted an Ember Project Night in our office, this was a perfect opportunity to join the main yearly event EmberCamp, we really wanted to give back to the Ember community and show our support so we were proud premium sponsors along with British Gas, Trainline and many others, you can see the full list of sponsors and supporters here.

The conference saw Ember community members from around the globe come together in one space for the day to share ideas, make new friends and listen to talks from Core Team and Community members. Our engineers were extremely excited to have the chance to meet not only other Ember enthusiasts but the two Ember co-founders Tom Dale and
Yehuda Katz.

The day was filled with talks and many opportunities to meet talented individuals and share knowledge. The speeches explored ways in which attendees could help to contribute to Ember, and the guidelines they should follow in order to build add ons for the programme.

The talk that resonated most with our team was the closing talk on Accessibility, given by Leonie Watson. Watson herself is blind and is passionate about making the web accessible for those who have disabilities, be that through enabling navigation of the web with voice dictations or by solely using a keypad.

At the moment, we aren’t fully accessible for our users who by have sight, hearing or motor restrictions, but this is certainly something we’d like to work on, and are thankful for having been inspired by Watson and EmberCamp to focus on this aspect of the site in the coming months.


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