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25 Apr 2019

Supporting Student Wellbeing in Schools

Wellbeing, by definition, is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy - in education student wellbeing is fundamental to successful student learning and development. ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Blog Teacher Wellbeing
01 Apr 2019

Initiatives to Improve Teacher Wellbeing

Talking about wellbeing is something that we, as a society, are getting better at, especially within education. We are now fully aware of the impact teaching has on a person’s ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

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08 Mar 2019

The Evolution of Sex and Relationship Education

The teaching of sex education has been constantly changing over the years, reactive to societal changes so that it reflects the current mood and is relevant for students at ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Ofsted Blog Teacher Wellbeing
15 Feb 2019

Ofsted's Impact on Student and Teacher Wellbeing

The stress and pressure teachers are under has long been at the forefront of most peoples’ minds in education. For years now teachers have been subjected to excruciatingly long ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

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17 Jan 2019

How the Ofsted Framework Reflects the Role of Teachers

Teachers join the profession with the understanding that they’re going to do much more than simply teach. It’s now expected that teachers double as confidants, carers, ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

CPD Blog Teacher Wellbeing
11 Jan 2019

6 Actionable Tips for Improving Your Own Wellbeing

As teachers, it seems that we’re exposed to more talks of ‘improvement’ than any other profession. Finding time for wellbeing however is an improvement that reaps many ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

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03 Jan 2019

School Improvement: Where to Focus Efforts

Improvement is at the top of every school leader’s agenda, which is why creating a detailed and well thought out SIP is critical to effectively communicate your ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

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19 Dec 2018

The Cost of Poor Teacher Wellbeing

There’s an abundance of literature regarding the importance of positive teacher wellbeing and the impact negative wellbeing can have on teachers themselves, ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

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13 Dec 2018

Conducting a Teacher Wellbeing Survey

Teacher wellness is fundamental to the success of your school in more ways than one - good teacher wellbeing helps foster a positive school culture, provides a ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

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30 Nov 2018

The Importance of Teacher Wellbeing

Looking after your teachers’ wellbeing is one of the most important things you can do as a school leader.

Author: Bethany Spencer

Blog Student Wellbeing Digital Literacy
20 Nov 2018

Can a Digital Detox Improve Student Mental Health?

If there are two things that are undisputed in the present day it’s that technology is an ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Blog School Management
12 Nov 2018

Top Tips for Writing an Effective School Improvement Plan

Having a clear and well thought out improvement plan for your school is paramount to the success of your school, teachers and students. Outlining your goals and areas for ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

CPD Blog Classroom Management
05 Nov 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Lesson Observations

Feedback is an integral part to your progression as a teacher, and lesson observations are an effective way to gather feedback and direction on areas for improvement. As ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

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02 Nov 2018

Acting on Teacher Feedback and the Impact on School Culture

Gathering staff feedback is the first step on your journey to school improvement and a positive school culture; the second step is acting on it.

Author: Bethany Spencer

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25 Oct 2018

Encouraging Teachers to Give Honest Feedback

The success of a school depends on many factors, and one of the main indicators of this is a happy and engaged team of teachers. The impact ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Praise Blog Lesson Plans Classroom Management Behaviour Management
08 Oct 2018

The Impact of Effective Classroom Management

Classroom management is when a teacher exhibits complete control over their classroom through a series of strategies and techniques that encourage positive student ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

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01 Oct 2018

How Effective Classroom Management Impacts Teacher Wellbeing

The subject of teacher wellbeing has been on the rise in recent years in conjunction with the publicised teaching crisis and ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ yoga and meditation ...

Author: Bethany Spencer

Homework Blog
26 Sep 2018

In Favour of Homework

It wouldn’t be a new academic year without a rowdy Twitter homework debate would it? This time it was a former professional footballer and TV presenter villain discussing ...

Author: Bethany Spencer